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~by Estriel~

For Lady Clayton

She’d always enjoyed watching people. She would sit at a table in a cozy little café at a street corner, sip at her coffee, and watch. She liked to imagine what the people she saw were about to do, she made up stories about who they were, where they came from, where they were going.
There was a lady in her sixties, sitting on a bench dressed in her best clothes and decorated with old-fashioned jewelry, smiling sadly as she stroked the puppy in her lap – who was she waiting for? a long-lost lover who’d gone away to war and has never come back, perhaps? Then there was a bespectacled girl, drinking hot chocolate from a large cup and vigorously scribbling something into a book of some sort. Was it her journal? Or was she an aspiring screen-writer trying to come up with the next Hollywood hit?
There were two young men, boys almost, batting eyelashes at each other across the table and trying hard to hide their intertwined hands. Were they freshly in love? Did they just spend their first night together before coming here for brunch?
It never occurred to her that somebody could be doing the same, that somebody could be watching her. Not until that one day when she came back home to find a folded piece of paper pinned to her front door.
I’ve been watching you and I will make you mine.
Whether you like it or not.


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