Próza - Povídky & Drabbles

~by Estriel~

For Kath

The sun is warm on her skin as she strips out of her clothes, taking off layer after layer of heavy velvets until she stands naked. She reaches up to let down her hair and sighs as the wind catches it and combs through the strands with gentle fingers. She closes her eyes and listens to the singing of seagulls for a few blissful moments, finally feeling at home again. Then she moves forward, treading across the sand lightly, gracefully, as if the knives that cut into her feet with every step didn’t exist. She steps into the water, feeling the waves caress and soothe her, welcoming her back. Further and deeper she walks until she can’t reach the bottom with her toes anymore. Then she takes one last breath, one last glance at the sun glowing red on the horizon, and dives, letting the ocean swallow her and cradle her in its wet embrace. She smiles as waves crash over her, washing her away, turning all her pain into a cloud of foam.

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