Próza - Povídky & Drabbles

~by Estriel~

For Betsy

He sinks down to his knees and wraps his lips around the man's swollen cock, his lipstick leaving scarlet traces along the shaft as he sucks it in. The man's dick is huge and when he tangles his hands in his hair and holds his head in place while he fucks his mouth, he nearly gags, tears welling in his eyes.
Later, he observes his image in the mirror – pale skin, smeared lipstick, black trickles down his cheeks. He looks like a caricature of a man… or a woman? He doesn't know anymore. He's forgotten who he is, washed his memories down the drain, sold his soul and body for a handful of bills. When he takes off the make-up, he's nothing but a blank, empty shell, a faded image of the boy he used to be. Every night when he curls up in bed, he prays for someone to love him, just him, without make-up and without pretense. He prays for someone to save him.

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