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Watching You
~by Estriel~

Jen tak pro informaci: Tia Hellebaut (BEL) a Kasja Bergquist (SWE) jsou výškařky. Drabble se odehrává na mistrovství Evropy v Göteborgu (2006), kdy favorizovaná Kasja klesla na třetí místo, zatímco Tia Hellebaut zvítězila. Pokud jste se dívali, všimli jste si, jak Tia Kasju při jejích pokusech horlivě povzbuzovala... já si všimla a hodila to na papír.


I didn’t behave like the others. Not at all. I didn’t sit down and focus, I didn’t dive into my own little world to try to get rid of tension and calm my nerves. I watched you, your every attempt, your every jump. I clapped and cheered for you. I watched you worry your lower lip before you gathered enough courage to make the first step on the red tartan floor. I watched you soar, your blond pony-tail jumping into the air when you leapt, your back a perfect arc when you flew over the bar. I watched the joy that lightened up your face when the bar remained in place, listened to the ecstatic cheering of the audience. Then I quickly pulled off my sweatshirt, getting ready to attempt yet another jump, another height, add another two centimetres – all that with your smile still on my mind.
I hope you watched me like I watched you – maybe not as openly as me, maybe just out of the corner of your eye, but still. I hope you watched me even when, in the end, I beat you and took the gold that I know you wanted so bad, my beautiful Kasja.


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