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What You Want
~by Estriel~

You will get exactly what you want for your birthday, reads the card he finds tucked into the pocket of his bag after practice that morning. Meet me in my room at 10pm. He recognizes Tanith's handwriting, but, in the split-second before he realizes that the card came from his girlfriend, a whole different image flits through his mind. He blushes and slides the card into the back-pocket of his jeans, feeling guilty.

It started one day in the first week of the tour. He walked into the locker room to find Denis Petukhov pinning Johnny Weir to the wall, his hands all over his naked torso and his teeth tugging at Johnny's lower lip.
Evan gasped in surprise and the two men jumped apart instantly. Denis gave him an annoyed look, but Johnny stared at him, flushed and wide-eyed, breathing hard.
"Evan – " he began, his voice a little rough, and moved to step towards him, but Evan didn't let him finish. Muttering a quick I won't tell anyone, don't worry, he turned and fled the room.
The image of Johnny's red, kiss-swollen lips has been haunting him ever since, though.

Later that day, sitting on his bed in his room, he looks at Tanith's card again, running his fingers along its crisp edges. If only she knew…He grimaces. Somehow, he doubts he'll get to kiss Johnny Weir tonight at ten. Yet that is exactly what he wants.


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