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What Lingers in the Past
~by Estriel~
For Reet

Varování: Obsahuje zmíňku o incestu.

Jen tak pro informaci: Jak jsme se dozvěděli začátkem roku 2007, Evan Lysacek (USA) chodí s Tanith Belbin (USA), která spolu s partnerem Benem Agostem reprezentuje USA v tancích na ledu.


Johnny liked his men beautiful. He wasn’t sure why he had dated Evan for three years, because Evan wasn’t that. Handsome, yes. Boyishly cute, yes. But not beautiful. Johnny should have gotten over him a long time ago - after all, it has been 9 months and 23 days since they had broken up. Tonight was the night, Johnny decided. Tonight, he would forget Evan, forget all about him and just have fun. He observed his reflection in the mirror for a few minutes, turning to look at his body from all angles. Round butt wrapped in skinny jeans, zero body-fat, perfect lean muscles from day to day on ice-drill. You’re hot, he thought to himself.
“Hotter than Tanith,” he muttered under his breath. Then he realized what he just said. “Fuck. Stop this, Weir,” he chastised himself. “You don’t think about Evan anymore, remember?” Not tonight, at least, he added in his mind. If Evan thought pulling a straight-act with Tanith was the best for him, so be it. Screw Evan and his hypocrisy. He, Johnny, had better things to do than drown in depression because his boyfriend – ex-boyfriend! – had decided he liked pussy. Like going out tonight and getting laid, for example. Evan wasn’t gonna spoil his night.

His cell phone buzzed and he picked it up, glad for the distraction.
“Took you long enough, betch,” he said into the receiver when Paris announced he was waiting in a cab in front of his hotel. With one last glance into the mirror, he picked up his handbag and headed towards the door.


“What kind of place is this?” Johnny whined, looking around the bar. It was full of people, but none worth a second glance. “I thought we were going to someplace fun!” he complained, taking a sip of his drink. He scowled. “They can’t even make a proper cosmo here.”

“Stop it, princess,” Adam smacked the back of his head lightly. “My friend’s band is playing here later tonight,” he said as if that could possibly be reason enough to be stuck in a lousy bar in a city that had a variety of places far more fabulous.

“So what?” Johnny bugged his eyes out at Adam.

“So, you’re gonna show a little bit of enthusiasm for you friend’s friends. Ever heard of moral support?”

“Moral? What’s that?” Johnny replied, stalking off to get another drink.


“Could we please go?” Johnny begged half an hour and four songs of Adam’s friend’s band later. It wasn’t too late to hit one of the trendy gay bars further downtown. “I’ve had enough.” The music was… Well, it was alright, but it wasn’t exactly what he’d imagined he’d be listening to on his night off. Some thumpa-thumpa to shake his ass to was more what he’d had in mind.

“Not yet. It would be rude to leave this soon,” Adam hissed, clearly annoyed.

“And you call yourself my friends?” Johnny pouted. Paris had snuck off with some random twink even before the band started playing, leaving him with Adam, who clearly had a crush on this friend of his, clapping and swaying to the music the band was producing. “I have no chance but to drown myself in the cheap vodka they sell here. I’ll hold you responsible for all the calories from the alcohol and –“ He stopped mid-sentence when he spotted a new addition on the stage. “Oh.”

The man was tall and slender, with perfect long legs clad in tight denim, a blue scarf slung casually around his neck. His blond, high-lighted hair shone in the spotlights and his eyes lit up when he smiled at the audience, sitting down at the piano. Johnny felt something melt in his stomach at that smile.

He nudged Adam with his shoulder.
“Who is that?” he inquired, curious.

The lead singer answered the question for him.
“Please welcome Taylor Hanson, who’ll be joining us for a few songs tonight.”

“Taylor,” Johnny repeated silently, never taking his eyes off the man. He better remember the name. He was going to need it later.


Johnny was disappointed when – after three songs – Taylor thanked the audience and climbed off the stage, leaving the band to do their own thing again. From the moment Taylor opened his mouth to sing, Johnny had been transfixed. The man’s appearance was enough to make Johnny’s mouth water, but his voice – oh god, his voice! It made Johnny’s toes curl in his shoes, especially when Taylor lowered his voice into a rough almost-whisper in one of the particularly intense passages, or when he went into a series of oooh-yeah’s while the band was jamming beside him. Johnny wondered what it would be like to hear this voice cry out his name, hoarse with sex. He wished he would have sang longer.

His disappointment quickly morphed into excitement when, a few minutes later, he noticed Taylor making his way to the bar.

“I’ll go get a drink,” he uttered to Adam and hurried off.

Taylor was just given his beer when Johnny slid into a spot next to him, leaning against the bar with one elbow, looking at the man through his eyelashes. God, he’s gorgeous, he thought, noticing little details now that he was standing close – the perfect curve of his eyebrows, or the few freckles scattered across his face…

“Hi,” Taylor quirked his lip up when he noticed Johnny’s look. “I’m Tay.”

“I know,” Johnny replied, taking the offered hand, and returned the smile. “Johnny,” he introduced himself. “That was quite a performance you showed there,” he nodded towards the stage. “Gave me goosebumps,” he added, lowering his voice to what he hoped was a sexy whisper. He congratulated himself when he saw Taylor blush in response.

“Thanks,” he muttered and took a gulp of his beer, casting his eyes towards the floor, almost shyly. Johnny blinked in surprise – shyness wasn’t what you’d expect from someone with his looks and talent. He watched the man bite his lip, as if he was mulling something over, but then Taylor looked up again and met his gaze steadily, blue eyes twinkling. “Any plans for tonight?”

Johnny grinned. “Not yet,” he answered, hoping that his friends would understand. Even if they didn’t, they had no right to feel offended, Johnny mused. It’s not like they took any particular care of him tonight, anyway. “I wanted to go dancing a little, but…” he let his voice trail off, batting his eyelashes at Taylor seductively.

“Alright. I know a great club not far from here,” Taylor smiled and downed the rest of his beer in one go. “C’mon,” he added when Johnny remained at the bar, staring at him blankly.

He was still wondering what this was all about and whether he might have misinterpreted something when Taylor hailed them a cab and ushered Johnny inside, scooting in next to him on the back seat. As soon as he gave the Mexican driver the directions, a silence settled over them and Johnny wasn’t quite sure what to do or think. Wasn’t this supposed to go a little differently? Weren’t they supposed to be on the way to Taylor’s apartment by now? He’d been too young for clubs and bars when he and Evan got together and in the past three years, he hadn’t needed – or wanted – to pick up random men in bars. After they broke up, he was too depressed, then too busy with skating, and so here he was, with no clue whatsoever how to proceed. Picking up someone he’d known and competed against since they’d been kids was one thing, it was familiar, but this was new territory. It couldn’t be that hard, though, Johnny decided and reached for Taylor’s scarf. He rubbed one end between his fingers, the material soft and smooth.

“I like your scarf,” he said, looking up to find Taylor’s eyes fixed on him. His face was bathed in quickly moving lights as the taxi passed under the street lamps.

“My brother gave it to me,” Taylor said and Johnny noticed a hint of something he couldn’t quite identify in his voice, but he didn’t ponder it further – it didn’t seem important.

Johnny let his gaze drop to Taylor’s lips, half-open as if waiting for him to make the first move. He made the smallest movement forward and then – all of a sudden – Taylor’s hands were in his hair, pulling him into a kiss. His mouth was on his, bitter from the beer Taylor had drunk just moments ago, but so so good, and Johnny realized he probably did everything right.

It wasn’t until the taxi driver coughed and announced that they’ve reached their destination that Taylor released Johnny out of his arms, shooting him a breathless smile. His hair was tousled and Johnny rather liked it, liked the fact that Taylor’s hair was long enough for him to comb through it and curl it around his fingers. Not at all like Evan’s hair, Johnny thought and almost felt proud of himself for enjoying someone that was so different from his ex-boyfriend, but his pride deflated when it occurred to him that he was thinking about Evan again. Stop it, he mentally smacked himself. He was with a gorgeous man and he wasn’t let Evan’s ghost ruin this for him.

They climbed out of the taxi, finding themselves in front of a club Johnny had never been to before. The music pouring out of the building seemed promising, though, as did the presence of many men of his kind all around. He let Taylor sling an arm around his shoulders and lead him inside, relishing in the warmth radiating from his body. Taylor was a whole bit taller than him, tall enough for Johnny to drop his head onto his shoulder later when they were on the dance-floor and a slow song came up.

He’s almost as tall as – No! Johnny stopped himself before he could finish the thought and focused instead on the way Taylor’s hands felt on his back, wandering under his t-shirt and running across his skin, the touches light and delicate, cautious. The gentle caresses were sending shivers up his spine and he pressed himself against Taylor’s body, feeling his dick stiffen as Taylor slid a thigh between his legs. Johnny tipped his head back and smiled a drunken smile, the heat in his gut making him dizzy. Taylor looked down at him and reached out to trace his face with his fingers, ghosting a thumb over Johnny’s lips before leaning down for a kiss.

He liked the way Taylor kissed him, hands holding his head in place, his lips barely brushing against his mouth. The rhythm of the music changed and became more intense, a little faster. As if he was relying on the music to guide him, Taylor soon sneaked his tongue into Johnny’s mouth again, letting the kiss grow more and more passionate. His arms were wrapped tightly around Johnny’s body, crushing them together.

“Get a room,” somebody laughed behind them and they finally tore apart, panting.

“Let’s… go,” Johnny suggested and turned towards the exit, looking over his shoulder to make sure Taylor followed.

The cab ride was over way too quickly for Johnny’s liking – he would have preferred to stay in the backseat a little longer, half sitting in Taylor’s lap, with Taylor’s lips mapping his neck. Somehow, they made it through the hotel lobby, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible – this was no hour-hotel, after all. The moment the door of Johnny’s room slammed shut behind them, Taylor had him pressed up against it, kissing him hard and grinding his hips against Johnny’s.

“Bed?” Johnny croaked after a while, fingers working on the buttons of Taylor’s shirt. Taylor nodded and hauled Johnny off his feet, carrying him as if he weighed next to nothing. Evan used to do that, was the only thought Johnny had time to complete before Taylor dropped him onto the mattress and knelt between his legs, reaching to his waist to unfasten Johnny’s jeans.

“Fuck,” Johnny heard him mutter to himself as he tried to pull the tight pants off. “And they tell me I wear them tight,” he grunted and Johnny laughed, making Taylor look up in surprise.

“Huh?” he said, blue eyes confused.

“Nothing,” Johnny grinned and ruffled up Taylor’s hair, marveling at the way the soft blond strands felt in his hand.

It took a little help from Johnny, but after a short struggle, Taylor finally managed to peel his jeans and underwear off, tossing them to the floor.

“Wow,” he gasped and Johnny felt a blush creep up his cheeks. It felt strange to lie there spread on the bed, naked and vulnerable, in front of a man he barely knew. Strange and new and… arousing. “Wow, you’re…” Taylor searched for words, letting his eyes wander all over Johnny’s body. “How do you…” he tried again, running his hands over Johnny’s thighs.

“What is it?” Johnny asked, confused. There was way too much talking involved for his taste.

“How do you get thighs like this?” Taylor finally said, leaning down to plant kisses on their inner sides.

Johnny was baffled. What was so special about his thighs? Evan had never noticed anything unusual about them, nor had the few boys he’d fooled around with before that. “I…uh… skate?” Johnny offered, still not sure what Taylor was talking about. “Aah.”
Taylor seemed to have forgotten all about his question already, Johnny figured as he felt a long sweep of tongue all the way up his inner thigh. He closed his eyes, savoring the sensation. It’s definitely been way too long since he’s had sex with anyone but himself. I’m not going to last long, he realized as Taylor kissed his way up his torso, paying special attention to each nipple and coaxing little strangled moans out of Johnny’s throat.

He grabbed a fistful of Taylor’s hair – the long hair is useful, he thought – and pulled him up to look at his face. His lips were red and swollen, his face flushed, eyes dark with lust.

“I want you,” Johnny whispered, pressing an impatient kiss onto Taylor’s lips.

Taylor stared at him for a second, looking at him as if he’d forgotten who he was with. Then he blinked and nodded, muttering a quiet okay.

“There’s lube and… condoms in the nightstand,” Johnny told him. It was strange, to be using a condom again. He and Evan – don’t think about him now, he reminded himself once more, annoyed by his inability to get Evan out of his head. Taylor, Taylor, this is Taylor.

And yet, later, when he felt Taylor move in him – fast and hot and urgent – he closed his eyes and it wasn’t blond locks he saw, it wasn’t blue eyes. He came with a scream, the orgasm crashing through him with surprising force. For a moment, his sex-hazed brain fooled him and he uttered the first and only name that came to his mind, closing his eyes and imagining…


“Who’s Zac?” Johnny asked quietly as he lay next to Taylor, listening to the slowly calming breath next to him. Taylor’s voice had sounded amazing when he’d moaned and screamed with pleasure, but it hadn’t been Johnny’s name on his lips.

“Who’s Evan?” Taylor answered with a question, propping himself up on one elbow and looking down at Johnny.
He looks like an angel, Johnny thought, watching the pretty face with a halo of golden hair. He’s beautiful. He sighed. But still… he’s not… He’s not HIM.

“My ex-boyfriend,” Johnny said after a pause, pulling the cover closer around him. He suddenly felt cold. It has been over for months, but he’s never once said it out loud, never called Evan his ex. It was surreal to know that that was all he was now.

Taylor nodded and Johnny saw understanding in his eyes.
“Zac’s my… He’s someone I can’t have. Someone I should never have touched,” he replied after another minute of silence, averting his eyes for a second. There was a blush on his face that Johnny didn’t understand, but it didn’t matter. He felt a surge of sympathy for him, so he pushed himself up on his elbows and kissed Taylor’s brow. Taylor sighed, then he lay down with his head touching Johnny’s shoulder. They stayed silent for a while, their breathing the only sound.

Then Taylor spoke, in a soft, tired voice.
“I should go.”

Johnny just nodded. He thought of the last night he’d spent with Evan – they had basically been through already, but some part of him had still hoped, still believed… And then Evan had got up and left, much like this.

“Damn,” Johnny uttered, more to himself than to Taylor, who was picking up his clothes from the floor, and pressed his hands against his eyes.

He realized he must have made a sound, let out a sob, when Taylor stopped and came over to the bed to lean over him.

“Whoever Evan is…” he began and brushed his hand against Johnny’s forehead. “He must be a complete idiot.” He knelt on the bed and gave Johnny one last quick kiss.

“Thank you,” Johnny whimpered, not sure what he was thanking for.

Taylor shrugged and turned to go, but then he froze.
“Here,” he pulled at the scarf he’d thrown around his neck moments before, and pressed it into Johnny’s hand. “There’s no reason to linger in the past.” And with that, he walked out of the room, blond head bowed.

Johnny let the scarf run through his fingers, smooth as silk. A small label sewn to the inner side caught his eye.

For Tay - Love, Zac, it read.

It was in that moment that Johnny Weir realized that his relationship with Evan was much less tragic than he’d thought it was.


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