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We All Know
~by Estriel~

Pozn.: Inspirováno Johnnyho Hot Things for February za měsíc únor. Do kolonky "Object of Desire" napsal We all know. Bídný pokus o příběh ke dni Sv. Valentýna.


One look into Johnny’s eyes and Evan knows. He knows exactly what Johnny wants. Johnny wants to win, he wants his title back, and he’s going to fight for it. A shiver runs down his spine; he never thought it would be so nerve-wrecking to hold something Johnny wants and not be able – or allowed – to just give it to him.

But then Johnny smiles at him during the interview after the short, that soft genuine smile Evan hasn’t received from him for months, and he realizes that he might still have something to offer that doesn’t require him to hand over the U.S. trophy. And maybe that is even more valuable than the piece of metal they both crave.


Stéphane knows how Johnny Weir ticks, in skating terms, at least, because Johnny Weir ticks exactly the way he himself does. Stéphane can tell from the obvious nervousness that seems to be gnawing at Johnny’s entire being when he takes the ice at Cup of Russia, from the way Johnny lets his gaze sweep the full stands before he strikes the opening pose. It’s not about the medals, not really.

Stéphane’s assumptions are proven correct when the audience erupts into a wild cheer and gets to their feet the moment Johnny finishes his free skate. Stéphane watches as all the tension leaves Johnny’s body, falling off him long before he receives his scores. And then Johnny is glowing, because he just got exactly what he wanted. Stéphane can’t help but wonder if he could ever make Johnny glow like that, too.


You know what? Johnny Weird just wants to get laid. I mean look at his costumes – they’re like life-sized ads for gay sex. He can’t get on top of the podium, so he’s at least trying to get on top of something else.


He’d never admit that he reads Johnny’s website. But he does, he has been ever since they broke up.

It was a bit masochistic at first, a punishment he thought he deserved for cheating on Johnny. Every mention Johnny made of their relationship cut into his heart like a blade, as did every time he did not mention it, dancing around the topic with utmost care.

The things he read – directly or between the lines – on Johnny’s website kept him awake at night sometimes, and he lay staring at the ceiling, a thousand different feelings mingling in his chest – guilt, anger, disappointment, loneliness... On those nights, he held his hand clasped around the silver J that he wore around his neck, clutching it until the letter was imprinted into his palm, a mirror of the imprint Johnny left on his heart and soul. He noticed that Johnny’d taken the D off his necklace, it was clearly neither meaningful nor lucky anymore. But he wasn’t going to get rid of his charm, not as long as he still had hope.

Later, reading Johnny’s website became a habit; he wanted to know what Johnny was doing and since Johnny didn’t talk to him...

But then at Nationals something changes. Johnny smiles at him and chats with Sarah and him as if nothing had ever happened. Not long after that, he opens Johnny’s website once again, a few days before Valentine’s Day, and his heart skips a beat when he reads the most recent update. Instead of another fur coat or the newest Louis Vuitton bag, Johnny writes that we all know what he desires.

Most people will interpret it their way, of course, think of medals and titles because Worlds is just a few weeks away. But he knows better and the simple line fills him with hope and longing. Because all Johnny wants, all Johnny has ever wanted – and those who know him are aware of that – is someone to love.

He orders a single red rose to be delivered to Johnny’s home on February 14th and hopes that he is right to read between the lines.


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