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~by Estriel~

Jen tak pro informaci: Johnny během ZOH v Turíně přiznal, že už dva roky s někým chodí. Někdy na podzim roku 2006 jsme z různých narážek poznali, že ten vztah skončil, že se Johnny s tím "někým" rozešel. Dle zvěstí tím tajným přítelem mohl být Rus Sergei Dobrin.
Cup of Russia je soutěž Grand Prix, která se konala v Moskvě koncem listopadu (a já byla v roce 2006 u toho!). Johnny tam bruslil, Sergei též. Sergeiův krátký program se moc nevydařil. Během jeho vystoupení jsem zahlédla Johnnyho (nebo jsem měla dojem, že jsem ho zahlédla), jak stojí se svojí maminkou na opačném konci stadionu a přihlíží...


He never watched his competitors skate. It's not good for your nerves, Priscilla had told him back when he was still a Junior and insisted that he wanted to know how the others did. Priscilla was right, he knew it now.
He also knew he would regret this later, but he still made an exception for Sergei Dobrin's short. It's not a good idea, his mind was telling him, sounding very much like his coach. But in the end it was his heart he listened to.

He was standing quietly at the corner of the rink, taking in the lean curves of that body he knew so well he would recognize it even with his eyes closed. It's been several months now, but his fingers still remembered every muscle, every inch of skin. It was strange to know that he wouldn't be allowed to give Sergei a hug, a kiss after his performance. He still wasn't used to the fact that they were no longer a we.
As he watched Sergei pop some jumps and stumble through his program, Johnny assumed he should feel happy – one less competitor to worry about, one step closer to the Grand Prix Finals… He couldn't find it in him. He wrapped his arms around himself, almost sad about his ex-lover's misfortune – Sergei was better than that, Johnny knew.

He wondered how Sergei felt about being here, competing against him, seeing him in the lounge and pretending that they were – and always had been – nothing but competitors. Did it still hurt? Did his heart skip a beat whenever they brushed past one another, just like Johnny's own silly heart did? What would he say if Johnny asked him to –

A hand rested on his shoulder, then rubbed at his arm reassuringly, interrupting him before he could finish that dangerous thought. Patti. He leaned back, allowing his mother to hug him from behind. She made him feel warmer on the outside and it was nice… but the coldness inside remained. It wasn't like Patti could do anything about that. It wasn't her embrace he craved.


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