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Vancouver 2010
~by Estriel~
For Amalia

He always thought he'd feel perfectly happy once he became Olympic champion. But as he stood on the top of the podium in Vancouver, listening to the Star-Spangled Banner, he felt a tinge of disappointment tug at his heart. What the fuck? What the fuck is wrong with you, Weir? he asked himself, but the moment he mentally posed the question, he suddenly knew. Their… romance? fling? relationship? – whatever you want to call it – had ended years ago, but somehow, he still mattered. Somehow, his victory wasn't complete without beating him, without proving that he was better and completely over him. Johnny rolled his eyes at himself, annoyed by his own childishness. But he still couldn't help it.
You fucking did it on purpose, didn't you? read the text message he sent Evan later that night.
He regretted it the moment he hit send and even more when his phone beeped in response.
Yes, Evan wrote. Come see me in the hospital?
And Johnny did.

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