Fan Fiction - Krasobruslení - Drabbles

~by Estriel~
For Kat

Pozn.: Napsáno v rámci drabble meme, v níž mi zájemci pokládali otázky, na které jsem odpovídala ve formě drabbles. Kat se zeptala: Is it too late to ask?


A laugh, accompanied by a roll of his eyes.
I’m not going to do anything, Johnny says after he reaches for his hand to drag him to the dance-floor and he shrinks back. Not until you ask for it. A grin, accompanied by a quick wink.

They dance, not even touching, not together. Johnny doesn’t do anything, just like he promised. At that time, it feels secure.

With time, secure
becomes disappointing – they are friends now, in Torino, and somehow, that’s not enough.
becomes maddening – so Evan takes his title, he insults and pokes and drives Johnny up the wall, but Johnny still. doesn’t. do. anything.
And – finally – it becomes unbearable.
Nationals... Evan doesn’t have the courage. Unbearable – the way Johnny’s scent tickles in his nose when they hug.
Four Continents... Johnny withdraws. Unbearable – the way Evan’s eyes have nothing to run to.
Worlds... Evan withdraws. Unbearable – the way Johnny’s smile lights up his room through the TV, the curve of Johnny’s hips in his costumes... Unbearable – the way his hand feels so not enough all of a sudden when he jerks off.

Then there’s the gala, another cheesefest – no pressure, no competition. Things are always a little easier that way. Finally, he finds the courage, forgets the pride.
Will you kiss me? A gasp, breathless because he ran up all the way to Johnny’s room, the question blurted out the moment Johnny opens the door for fear he might chicken out. Or is it too late to ask? Insecure, scared. But that’s the only way worth being.

Silence. And then Johnny does... do something. Do everything. And makes Evan wish he’d asked much, much earlier.


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