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The Privileged
~by Estriel~

Jen tak pro informaci: Ryan Bradley je Američan, kterému se na mistrovství USA v roce 2007 naprosto záhadným způsobem podařilo přeskočit Johnnyho a ukrást mu stříbro, takže Johnny skončil bronzový. Dle mého názoru Ryan zdaleka nehraje ve stejné lize jako Evan nebo Johnny, což dokazují jeho výkony v mezinárodních soutěžích.


Ryan Bradley had always thought that being a member of the elite would give him access to the privileges that extended exclusively to the crème de la crème of US male figure skaters. So, when he miraculously managed to knock Johnny Weir down to third place, he was delighted. Rumor had it that you always get to have your pick among those you beat. It had certainly applied to the three-time national champion in the past – from his throne, Johnny had a free choice of companion for the night. Rumor had it he did Evan last year. This year, Evan was doing Tanith. And Ryan placed right behind Evan. He had the choice.
Therefore, knocking at Johnny Weir's hotel room door two hours after the closing ceremonies seemed like a good, justified idea – until Johnny opened the door. He didn't even need to speak; his look said it all – in his eyes, Ryan read a very clear 'What the hell?!'
He opened his mouth to clarify when –

"What the hell?!"

Apparently, Evan was not doing Tanith that night.

Ryan was disheartened. It was not enough to place in the top three. The privileges were not about the elite, after all.


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