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The Perfect Girlfriend
~by Estriel~

Jen tak pro informaci: BlackBook magazine je americký módní časopis. Johnny Weir pro srpnové vydání z roku 2006 nafotil módní story.


Tanith Belbin prides herself on being a tolerant, understanding girlfriend. She lets Evan go out with his friends whenever he wants to, never inquiring where they’re headed or when they’ll be back. She doesn’t yell at him for not remembering their first date and embarrassing her in the press – she knows how Evan is, inexperienced and a little awkward when it comes to relationships, and she graciously shrugs off his faux-pas. She knows about the magazines stacked under a pile of clean shirts in one of the suitcases Evan brings on tour, and she’s aware that he sometimes sneaks into the bathroom at night with one of said magazines in hand. She doesn’t mind – he’s a man, after all, and men have their weaknesses; it’s like her weakness for shoes. She knows about Evan’s little quirks and forgives him for each and every one of them. Yes, she is the perfect girlfriend.

What Tanith Belbin doesn’t know – for if she knew, she probably wouldn’t be dating Evan anymore – is that tucked between his Playboys and Maxims is a copy of one other magazine, the only one Evan actually jerks off to. It’s the August 2006 issue of the BlackBook magazine.


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