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The Final Night
~by Estriel~

Pozn.: Povídka se odehrává po volné jízdě mužů na mistrovství světa v krasobruslení v Calgary (březen 2006). Johnnyho celý týden trápily bolesti zad - a to tak moc, že uvažoval, zda raději neodstoupí. Během své volné jízdy upadl... a jeho zádům se to očividně nelíbilo. Evan Lysacek, jeho "kolega" z USA, naopak předvedl skvělý volný program a podruhé získal bronz...


On the final night of the men’s competition, Evan is angry because he got only bronze. Again. Johnny is angry because he ranked below Evan. When they fuck that night, it’s not at all soft and sensual like their usual love-making – it’s frantic and angry and rough. And no matter how much he hates placing lower than Evan in competition, Johnny still lets Evan be on top in bed. He makes Evan keep the medal around his neck and the cold bronze presses into his skin when Evan positions himself behind him and pulls him close. Johnny imagines the imprint it will leave on his back, like a brand of his humiliation.

His back hurts like hell, but Johnny doesn’t care – not anymore. When Evan pushes himself inside his body without any preparation, Johnny feels a wave of pain wash over him that almost knocks him unconscious. He gasps quietly, but he doesn’t cry. Instead, he bites down hard on his lower lip to restrain himself from screaming.

His arms and legs are trembling, he is exhausted but somehow it’s still not quite enough to make him break down completely, and he manages to stay steady on all fours while Evan fucks him. Evan’s hands rake over his chest, uneven fingernails scratch his skin – Evan always bites his nails when he’s waiting for the final results; and tonight he had to wait a long time…

Johnny squeezes his eyes shut and goes back in time a couple of hours, back to the arena; he can almost hear the cheering sounds of the audience that had not yet calmed down after Sandhu’s performance when Johnny stepped on the ice.

With each thrust, Johnny imagines an element of his program behind closed eyelids, he replays his free skate in his head as if he was watching a movie. He winces at the imperfect landing of the quad toe loop, the quad many people were so excited about; he shudders at the image of the unsteady triple lutz – his favourite jump, for Christ’s sake!
Tears sparkle in the corners of his eyes – he fights them, unwilling to give in. I’m not weak, he repeats to himself over and over. When he reaches that fatal triple flip in his mind, he’s forced to relive the fall as Evan slams hard into him… The pain that shoots up his spine feels like punishment for letting everybody – but most importantly himself – down. A single drop slips down his heated cheek, followed by another, but Johnny blinks them away. No no no, I won’t cry.

One of Evan’s hands is on his cock now, stroking in sync with their rocking. The pleasure mingles with the pain, and the mix makes Johnny a little light-headed. His skin is burning and sensitive and when Evan’s teeth sink into the tender flesh at the junction of his neck and shoulder, Johnny comes, a myriad of glowing stars exploding in front of his eyes. His arms and legs go limp and he crumples onto the sheets like a lifeless puppet. A second later, Evan collapses on top of him and they lie there for several moments, sweaty and spent and panting. Then Evan rolls away but stays by Johnny’s side; Johnny can feel the heat radiating from his body.

Johnny lies flat on his stomach for a while, completely still, and then it all comes back again – the pain, the disappointment, the surprised ooohh of the audience after his unspectacular landing on the ice. He feels sore and vulnerable. He curls up into a fetal ball, and the tears he’s been trying to hold back all night finally start flowing.

“Johnny…” Evan’s voice is soft, as are his fingers that touch Johnny’s back.

“Fuck off,” Johnny spits out between sobs and pulls his knees closer to his chest, as if to protect his fragile soul from further damage.

The mattress bends a little when Evan moves and for a second Johnny is not sure if he’s glad or sad that Evan is really going.

Except Evan isn’t.

Johnny hears a low thud, as Evan takes off his medal and throws it carelessly on the floor, and then Evan cradles him in his arms and pulls him close. Warm lips press onto the back of Johnny’s neck, soothing…
Johnny struggles for a short moment, but then changes his mind because Evan is nice and warm and isn’t going to tell anybody, so what’s the point in chasing him away and being alone. He lets Evan hold him and later he even turns around to look at him. Their eyes lock for a second, then Johnny sighs, buries his face in Evan’s neck and cries like a baby, finally finding the release he needed. It’s over at last.


Děkuji Tereze za beta-read.

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