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Serve Over Ice
~by Estriel~
For Jelliclekat

Pozn.: Napsáno v rámci drabble meme, v níž jsem žádala o tři slova a pairing a na jejich základě něco sesmolila. Kamarádka si řekla o Evan/Johnny a slova: thunderstorm, spine, lace.


It feels like he’s being swept by a storm, caught in a vortex of sensations and scents and sounds that make the desire he’s been holding back for so long explode like a storm-cloud bursting with rain.

It starts with a simple hug – fragrant with sweat and post-skate excitement – an ambiguous smile, a seemingly casual brush of fingers against the back of his hand as they walk towards the lockers side by side. When the door closes behind them, Evan whispers his name – Johnny? – his voice hoarse and different, a voice Johnny’s never heard from him before. And that is the last drop, the last proof, because hasn’t Evan been giving him looks for the past three or so days? There is no way he could be misinterpreting everything.

He pushes Evan against the wall so hard that Evan yelps in pain when his head makes impact with the solid surface and crushes their bodies together, twists his fingers into Evan’s hair. He makes himself pause, a moment of silence before the thunder, a safety measure in case he’s really been deluding himself all this time. Then Evan’s lips are on his, his tongue fighting his way into Johnny’s mouth, hot and slick and forbidden. He feels Evan’s hands fumble with the zipper on his costume, so urgent and impatient that Johnny’s afraid he might tear the filigree lace. But then Evan finally manages and rakes his nails along the curve of Johnny’s spine and Johnny can’t think, can’t care about anything but the way Evan’s hands burn against his naked skin.

Later, after fucking on the filthy floor of the locker room, quite oblivious to the fact that anyone could walk in, when they half-sit, half-lie on one of the benches, Johnny can’t help but worry. Because Evan’s lazy, languid kisses make his heartbeat change just ever so slightly. And because every storm, no matter how spectacular to watch, usually leaves a horrible havoc behind.


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