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~by Estriel~
For Lena.

Varování: Povídka obsahuje explicitní sexuální scény. PWP. / Explicit sex. PWP.


There was no music for this program. He had to imagine it, the smooth, languid melody, the rhythm that guided his steps and told his limbs how to move. He felt the ice beneath his skates’ blades, it was so familiar – and yet so different this time.

He drew a circle onto the virgin ice with his skates, scarring its mirror-like surface, the movement almost soundless, with just a faint scratch of blades. The arena was silent, a frozen palace bathed in darkness – except for one blue spotlight that set the boundaries of his “stage”. He lifted his arms above his head, stretching his body and doing a few simple turns, all the time perfectly aware of the single pair of eyes watching him from the side of the rink. Evan felt the green gaze follow his every move, re-trace the curves he carved onto the ice, slide down the arch of his back, and linger where his black pants tightened over his ass for just a moment…

He came to a halt, turning his side to where the audience would normally sit, locking eyes with his only judge. He received nothing but a provocative nod, a mere toss of the head, and a challenging look that Evan read as go on.

Go on… He didn’t really have a choice. He had to play his part in the game he’d agreed to earlier. He pushed himself off to skate along the edges of the blue-lit area, picking up speed as he went. He executed a short step sequence, then started spinning, feeling the air swish past him as he turned, round and round and round. He chose the moment the revolutions started to loose momentum to ease one of his hands under the black shirt he was wearing, pushing it up a little to reveal a stripe of flesh.

Jabbing a toe-pick into the ice, he stopped and stood motionless for a short while, waiting for the world around him to stop spinning. When the blurred contours of his surroundings finally became solid, Evan pushed his hand further up his chest, his fingers cold on the warm skin. He closed his eyes and listened to the music that could accompany his performance. Swaying his hips to the imaginary rhythm he pulled his shirt up and over his head, making sure to thoroughly mess his hair in the process. He waved the shirt above his head a little, stretching out his arms to offer his spectator a good view of every muscle, then threw the shirt away. The chilly air bit into his heated body, and he trembled.

Move, he compelled himself. Move if you don't want to freeze.

He glided backwards on the ice, then turned, never leaving the spotlight. He opened his eyes and glanced at the man watching him from the side of the rink – still so calm, laid back, a smug half-smile, half-smirk on his pretty face. He looked small as he sat there in the first row, cross-legged, head tipped to one side. Small and almost innocent, almost fragile – but Evan knew better. He knew how head-strong Johnny could be, and how dirty his games. Johnny liked to play – and for tonight, Evan was to be his toy.

He pushed unnecessary thoughts away and focused on the sensation – the knowledge that he was being used for amusement turned him on somehow. Usually it was him who determined the rules of the game, but Johnny… Johnny was unique, special. Evan would agree to almost anything to get him, even if it was just for a single night.

Aware of the expectant eyes resting on him, he moved in sync with the song playing in his head. He ran his hands down his sides, tracing the contours of his upper body in one smooth movement. He stopped at the waist, resting his palms on his hipbones, then moved his fingertips along the waistband of his sweatpants. He looked up, met Johnny’s eyes from across the ice, and slowly, teasingly slid his hand under the fabric.

He gasped at the contrast of warm and cold when he touched his fingers to his cock. He only gave it a few light strokes, then removed his hand, intent on finishing his performance first.

He moved again, doing crossovers in simple circles to pick up speed for a moment, then went into a spin, folding his arms across his bare chest and throwing his head back. Finally, he stopped and pushed himself forward. He dropped to his knees and slid across the ice, arching his back and touching the ice with his fingertips in a position mimicking one of Johnny’s own finishing moves.

He took a second to ponder his options, then made a decision and stretched his legs in front of himself, sitting down on the ice. Bit by bit, inch by inch, he kept lowering the upper part of his body, until finally his back touched the ice.

It felt cool under his skin. The cold crept into his muscles and made his whole body cover with goose-bumps. He shivered, resisting the urge to jump up straight away like he usually did when he landed on the ice. Instead, he lay down on his back completely, stretching on the smooth icy surface, then lifted one hand - his fingers were starting to get a little numb, but he didn't care - and ran one fingertip across his chest.

He circled one nipple, hard and sensitive from the cool air at the rink, his finger leaving a thin trail of droplets behind. He rolled the small nub between his fingers, fondled it for a while, enjoying the sensation that each squeeze sent through his body. His breath was coming in small quickened gasps, turning into little puffs of vapor the moment it left his lips. He forced himself to open his eyes and turned his head to look at the lone spectator of his performance.

Johnny was no longer leaning back comfortably in his seat. He was sitting up straight, his eyes alert and trained on Evan, red lips parted in a voiceless "oh". He'd placed one of his hands onto the rail in front of him, digging his nails into its surface, clearly struggling to remain seated. The other hand, though, had betrayed Johnny and found its way to his crotch, cupping the bulge in his pants.

Evan smiled in satisfaction – at last, he was getting the response he had been aiming for. Encouraged by Johnny’s reaction, he moved his hand lower and, reaching into his sweatpants, gripped his hardening cock. The contrasting sensations – the freezing cold under his back and the consuming heat pooling in his groin – were dizzying. He ran his hand over the sensitive flesh, feeling the veins pulse under his fingers.

He heard himself moan, heard the sound echo around him, but didn’t bother to try to keep silent. He quickened the tempo, jerking his hand up, down, up, down… He forgot all about Johnny and all about his show, all he knew was that he was going to come, he was going to come soon, and it was going to be oh-so-good… He needed just a few more moments and…

The threatening touch of something cold and sharp against his throat brought him to an abrupt stop, made him tear his eyes open and gulp in surprise. It took him a second to realize what was going on, to identify the irritating metallic object pinning him to the ice as the blade of Johnny’s skate. He didn’t like that.

Johnny was looming over him, balancing on one skate-clad foot, the other resting dangerously close to the veins on Evan’s throat. He suddenly felt vulnerable – almost naked and rendered immobile, held prisoner between ice and blade. He looked up into Johnny’s eyes, searching for some reassurance, but found none – the green was dark and deep, there was no comfort, not even a glint indicating that Johnny was just playing, just teasing.

Moments passed in chilly silence, and Evan was starting to panic. This was supposed to be a game, just fun – not a nightmare!

He closed his eyes, attempting to calm down and think, to persuade himself that Johnny wouldn’t hurt him – would he? Never sleep with the competition. He wondered whether there could be more than just hurt feelings behind that statement. No. No, no, no. He glanced up once again, not caring that his eyes betrayed his fear.

He saw something soften in Johnny’s expression; he even thought he saw a little smile tug at the corner of his lips. The blade left its position on top of his body, and Johnny stepped back onto the ice. Then he knelt, stretched out a hand to push his fingers into Evan’s hair, stroking gently. Evan sighed, half in surprise, half in relief.

The next second, Johnny tightened his grip on his hair and pulled Evan up into his arms, pressing their lips together in a fierce kiss. Their teeth clashed, but Evan didn’t even register the uncomfortable vibration it sent through his jaw. Johnny’s tongue slid into his mouth and tangled with his, and the heat of the kiss flooded him with pleasant warmth.

Johnny was running his fingers across his naked back, five soft tips easing some life back into his numb flesh. He kept tousling his hair with the other hand, twisting and twirling single strands. It was astounding – and it scared Evan a little – just how quickly Johnny managed to change his mood from panic-stricken to comfortable, how little it took for Evan to feel safe again in his arms.

Suddenly, Johnny pulled at his hair, forcing his head back. His mouth wandered to Evan’s exposed neck and small teeth sank into the sensitive flesh. Evan hissed at the pain – Johnny had bitten down hard – and wondered if this was what the victims of vampires experienced before their blood was sucked out of them – a rush of sharp pain mixed with delicious pleasure. A moist sweep of tongue calmed the burning spot a second later, the cold air made it feel all fresh and tingly.

Johnny worked his way down his throat, nipping and licking, and all the time his hands never stopped drawing onto his back. Then Johnny moved one of his hands and ran his nails down Evan’s chest, leaving behind five pink lines. He gave Evan's cock a light squeeze through the material of his pants but immediately pulled his hand away when Evan thrust his hips up, not letting him get the friction he craved.

Evan gave a small groan of frustration. The heat in his crotch was getting more intense with every teasing move of Johnny’s, he felt it crawl up and spread throughout his body, making every vein burn white hot. He wanted release; this game was driving him crazy. But Johnny didn’t seem to understand – he teased, he provoked, he played with Evan… but never gave him quite enough, never gave him what he needed.

He made Evan lay back down on the ice and bowed over him to place a row of tantalizing kisses along the waistband of his pants, merciless on the tender skin and merciless on Evan in general – evil evil evil – Evan cursed Johnny inwardly for gripping his thighs and forcing them down onto the ice. Slowly, inch by inch, Johnny pulled his pants down, allowing his cock to spring free. Johnny smiled and blew a feather-light breath over its head, a touch of hot amidst all the cold. Desire rippled through his body, unbearable.

“Johnny,” he managed, his throat raspy. He lifted his head a little to look at Johnny.

“Mhmm?” A smug smile, head tipped to the side in expectation.

“Fuck me already,” he said, resignation taking over. “Please,” he added quietly and dropped his head back onto the ice with a sigh.

Johnny rewarded his impatience with a smile – a genuine, true smile, like the smile of a child that finally got what he’d been asking for. “Sure,” he purred, running the tip of his tongue over his lips.

He gestured for Evan to sit up on the ice, then kneel. He leaned forward, cradling Evan’s face with both hands, and dropped a gentle kiss on his lips, still half smiling. He then made Evan turn around, and a second later warm arms wrapped around his torso, lips pressed against the nape of his neck, kiss-nip-kiss.

One of Johnny’s hands slid lower to play with Evan’s cock, nimble fingers dancing along the shaft, teasing at the sensitive skin of his balls with an occasional feathery scratch of nails that sent jolts of desire through Evan’s nerves.

Evan had expected Johnny to take him right away, rough and without preparation. In fact, he half wanted to be fucked ruthlessly, he was ready to take the pain that mixed with pleasure in the most intoxicating of ways.

But Johnny’s other hand was teasing at his opening now – he pushed a careful finger inside first, going easy on him. Another finger… and warm lips on his ear.

“Relax,” Johnny whispered, his voice a touch of heat on Evan’s ear.

Evan complied, trying to relax muscles he hadn’t even realized were tense. He bent forward, dropping on all fours to support himself, palms flat on the ice. Kneeling on the hard cold was not comfortable, but he didn’t really care. It was strangely arousing to let go, to leave all the control to someone else, to have Johnny dominate him so completely, to become a doll in his hands. It was not something Evan did often.

Johnny pulled out his fingers, and for a moment Evan felt empty without the sweet pressure inside. He let out a loud gasp when the emptiness was replaced by several inches of cock, pushed in hard instead of going in bit by bit. It hurt – delicious pain and a rush of sensations so intense it almost turned his arms to jelly; for a second he was afraid he was going to plump down onto his stomach, but Johnny held him up, surprisingly strong where Evan’s muscles had gone limp.
He allowed Evan to draw a breath, staying motionless for a while, before he pulled out almost completely only to slam back into Evan in the next instant.

“God, yes!” Evan heard himself cry out, his own voice strangely distant. He wondered if this was what it felt like to be high.

The throaty moan that came as if in reply made Evan wish he could see Johnny’s face, watch him get lost in the sensations – in him, watch his eyes lose focus, then fall shut, eyelashes fluttering against flushed skin… He wished he could share that kind of intimacy with Johnny, to be allowed to see the display of raw emotion on that doll-like visage.

Johnny’s fingers dug into his hips, hard enough to bruise, but Evan didn’t mind – the marks would make this more real, would make him remember and give him a thousand chances to relive this very moment.

He pushed his hips back eagerly, matching Johnny’s rhythm. He marveled at the way their bodies seemed to melt together as they moved in sync, as if they had been made for each other. He wished it could go on forever, but he was close, so close…

Johnny reached down and around Evan with one hand to wrap his fingers around his dick. He gave a few full-length strokes, each punctuated by a quick circle of thumb on the tip.

Johnny’s skilled hands, his little moans and whispers hot on the nape of Evan’s neck, his cock creating a hot friction inside him, filling him up… It was too much and more than enough to send Evan over the edge. He came with an incoherent cry, his world spinning around him…


He woke up, the hard ice suddenly replaced by soft bed sheets. What remained from the dream was a hard-on and an urgent want deep inside. He rolled onto his side to find a pair of smiling green eyes watching him.

“Were you dreaming about me?” Johnny asked with a sweet grin, leaning in for a good-morning kiss, sneaking one warm hand under the covers between them…


Thanks for beta-reading, Reet!

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