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Seven Things
~by Estriel~

Johnny Weir has several things Evan Lysacek can’t stop thinking about.

First, Johnny Weir has a perfect triple-axel technique and Evan – when he’s honest with himself – doesn’t comprehend how he could possibly get the same score on his wonky 3A as Johnny. He keeps thinking about it because he knows he has to do something about this, because one can never be sure how judges are going to react the next time. He might lose to Johnny just because of his axels one day and Evan’s not keen on letting that happen.

Second, Johnny Weir has a physique that might make quads more straining to do, but that makes everything else look easy, smooth and elegant. Evan has heard rumors about him secretly practicing the Biellmann and a Weir with a Biellmann could be a lethal combination under the CoP. It would not only boost Johnny’s already high enough component scores, but also add an extra level to his spins. As if his I-can-suck-my-own-dick sit spins weren’t outrageous and overscored enough!

Third, Johnny Weir has a coffee addiction. And since Evan can match him on this one, a lot of shared late-night trips to Starbucks coffee shops result. This is a dangerous thing as well, because Evan can’t help but feel great in Johnny’s easy company – and fraternizing with the enemy has never been a good idea.

Fourth, Johnny Weir has that small birthmark on the side of his neck, just slightly darker than the rest of his skin. Evan can’t stop staring at it every time he’s near Johnny. The little imperfection on the otherwise perfect little Johnny irritates Evan, and the irritation demonstrates itself in the irresistible urge to touch or kiss or lick it.

Fifth, Johnny Weir has the best skater-ass in the world. Evan is sure of this – he’s been surrounded by skaters for most of his life and has seen all of them in tight costumes or less. Johnny Weir definitely wins at this.

Sixth, Johnny Weir has a penis, which is something Evan misses a lot in his relationship with Tanith. Obviously, thinking about Johnny Weir while he and Tanith are having sex doesn’t exactly help him forget the lack of dick in his life and so he jerks off in the bathroom every night after Tanith falls asleep, thinking of all the amazing dirty things Johnny Weir might have in store for him and finally getting the mind-blowing orgasms he craves.

Seventh – and this takes Evan quite a while to admit – Johnny Weir has him. He has him charmed, horny and falling in love harder than he ever had before.


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