Fan Fiction - Krasobruslení - Drabbles

Seven Dots
~by Estriel~

The ladybugs were everywhere. No matter where Johnny looked, he could always spot at least one or two of the red, six-legged dots. They crawled over Stéphane’s pajama pants, dangled from the bundle of keys on the commode, one sat on the night table in the form of an alarm... Earlier that day, in practice, Johnny had noticed the tiny bugs on Stéphane’s blade protectors and the small stickers on the backs of his skates, so high up that he could always easily cover them with pants when he competed.
Johnny wasn’t sure whether to be amused or a bit creeped out. It was common knowledge that Stéphane Lambiel harbored a certain fondness for ladybugs, but Johnny would never have expected an obsession of this extent. There was even a bug-shaped pillow on Stéphane’s bed and Johnny wondered if Stéphane brought it with him everywhere he went.

“You really like them a lot, huh?” he finally said, standing a little uncertainly amidst all the bugs.

“Who?” Stéphane asked, puzzled. He followed Johnny’s look around the room but apparently found nothing out of the ordinary, for when he met Johnny’s eyes again, he still seemed confused.

“The ladybugs,” Johnny clarified and felt himself blush a little because... Well, it was a bit silly to discuss this, of all things, with Stéphane. He hasn’t come to talk about bugs. It’s not like they mattered, really, he was going to spend the night with Stéphane, ladybugs or not. They were just a little... overwhelming at first sight.

Stéphane laughed and glanced around once more as if trying to see his room through Johnny’s eyes.
“Yes, I like them a lot,” he then nodded, his eyes bright and warm. “But there are things I like even more,” he continued and stepped a little closer. He reached out, a thumb under Johnny’s chin, a brush of fingertips against his cheek – it tickled a little, almost like a ladybug running across his skin. “I don’t need the ladybugs to feel happy,” Stéphane winked and – with a teasing grin – bent and slid out of his bug-covered pajamas. Then he straightened up and, with a quick peck on Johnny’s lips, whispered: “Not anymore.”


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