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Serve Over Ice
~by Estriel~
For Cel

Pozn.: Napsáno v rámci drabble meme, v níž jsem žádala o tři slova a pairing a na jejich základě něco sesmolila. Cel si řekla o Johnny/Stéphane a slova: apple juice, submarine, sheepish grin. Poslední se mi tam sice nevešlo a ponorková nemoc v angličtině neexistuje, ale což. :D


It seemed like a great idea at first. What could be better than spending a week with your boyfriend in a paradise-like setting? A private beach secluded from the rest of the world where they could make love on the warm sand with the tide splashing over their feet, one of those lovely cabins surrounded by palm-trees that look like the real native thing, but has perfect air-conditioning and a fridge to cool their champagne in. It sounded like heaven to Johnny.

Unfortunately for him, Johnny has never spent much time poring over the science of human psychology, and thus has never heard of an occurrence the shrinks call the submarine syndrome.

The first day is perfect, as is the second. They lounge on the beach slurping their Summer Breeze cocktails – 2 shots vodka, 2 shots cranberry and 2 shots apple juice, served over ice – and get tanned, a perfect golden brown in Stéphane’s case, a painful I’m-not-burned-it-will-turn-bronze tan in Johnny’s.

The third day, however, Johnny is cranky because his back burns and suddenly, there’s nothing more annoying than the sun, the heat and Stéphane’s constant inquiries about his well-being. He realizes that he really sort of can’t stand Stéphane and tells him to fuck off when Stéphane wants to make love to him in the evening.

He spends most of the fourth day in the cabin, raiding the fridge and drinking all the champagne, and when Stéphane comes back from the beach in the afternoon, he tells him to fuck off – or wait, fuck him, because sex makes everything better, doesn’t it. Johnny is seriously miffed when Stéphane doesn’t comply and sleeps on the far, far end of the king-sized bed instead.

On day five, Johnny is too hung-over to leave the bathroom. He decides that he kinda loves Stéphane, because Stéphane stays in with him and holds back his hair, which Johnny has been growing out in preparation for next season.

On the last day, Stéphane orders a bucket full of ice and spends the larger part of the day making creative use of the ice cubes – he soothes Johnny’s burned back with some and makes certain other parts of his body burn with the rest. Johnny loves Stéphane for thinking of this, because it seems that they really can’t work without the ice. And because submarines can’t work with it.


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