Fan Fiction - Krasobruslení - Drabbles

Safety Measures
~by Estriel~

They are so cautious in everything they do, not out of insecurity or shyness, but because they care. Because they love each other.

There are protectors on Johnny’s knees in case something goes wrong on the lift they’ve been working on. He’s even slipped on padded hockey player shorts over his pants, because the throw jump doesn’t quite work every time yet – he’d never be caught wearing those in public, or even semi-public, but it’s okay in front of Melissa and Denis. They’ve seen him in attires more embarrassing than this, and in no attire at all as well.

Denis’ knee is covered in layers of elastic bandages and they take breaks much more often than they normally would. Denis is good at hiding the pained winces whenever he puts too much weight on it, or bends it at an unfortunate angle, but Melissa and Johnny are better at noticing.

Melissa refuses to wear padded hockey pants; Johnny loses that argument after a few minutes of trying to persuade her. She’s spent half of her life being lifted and twirled in dangerous positions, she says, and Johnny can’t but admit that she has a point.
However, she carefully braids her hair before every session rather than wearing it loose the way she prefers – a courtesy for Johnny’s sake, because unlike Denis, he’s not used to having a mane of hair whip into his face.

Off the ice, there are no pads and bandages, just bare skin and gentle hands and tender lips – and yet Johnny couldn’t feel safer; the glowing warmth they share is like a soft cocoon wrapped around his heart. He put it back together so laboriously last year and he’s not ready to share it with anyone quite yet – and people have been trying, or Stéphane has been. Melissa and Denis are the only ones who, for now, get a piece of him and his heart.

They make love as carefully as they skate. Denis can’t kneel and Johnny doesn’t dare straddle him, so they end up spooned together, all three of them. Johnny finds himself in the middle like almost every time with Melissa and Denis, being cherished, pampered and teased.

Denis spreads him open with his fingers first, then sheaths himself inside, filling Johnny up. It’s not a position that would make Johnny scream and whimper like he did the last time Melissa and Denis made love to him, but he relishes the sheer intimacy of it, the way their bodies are touching almost full-length.

Melissa’s hands feel satiny on his dick, her touches enough to make him gasp and let out little strangled sounds into her mouth as she kisses him, but not enough to send him over the edge.

In the end, he pleads with her, her and Denis both, because there’s only so much of soft, languid and tentative he can endure; he’s just a boy, after all. It’s not a thing he’d do with anyone else, not any of those men he fucked in his post-break up escapades, nor any of the skaters he made out with in lockers and hotel rooms. But it’s okay with Melissa and Denis; they’ve seen him do more embarrassing things than beg to be fucked harder. Like wear hockey player padding on his ass. And they still love him.

It’s such a comfort to be safe, Johnny thinks to himself, just before the freefall towards completion. The landing will be soft, he’s sure.


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