Fan Fiction - Krasobruslení - Drabbles

~by Estriel~

Varování/Warning: Obsahuje bondage, non-con a násilí. Prosím, nečtěte, pokud se domníváte, že by se vám to nemuselo líbit! / Contains bondage, non-con and violence. Please don't read if you think you won't like this!

Jen tak pro informaci: Odehrává po US Nationals 2007, kde Johnny buď získá své čtvrté zlato v řadě, anebo podlehne Evanovi. (Nebo někomu jinému, ale to je krajně nepravděpodobné.) Kdyby Evan zvítězil...

"You look so damn sexy in that costume. It pretty much screams fuck me. You're such a little slut," he mutters as he tightens the knots. The thread cuts into Johnny's fragile white wrists and a he whimpers quietly. He's not far from crying, Evan can tell by the way his lower hip is quivering.

"Evan, please," Johnny turns his eyes to him, tears already welling in them. "Don't do this to me," he pleads in a small, scared voice.

Evan laughs and pulls a black silk scarf out of his pocket. The last bit to complete his masterpiece.

"No," Johnny whispers, shaking his head helplessly, disbelieving, tugging at the ties desperately. "You can't do this! You can't!" he screams into Evan's face.

"I can and I will. You're my prize, don't forget that. I won." With that, he leans down and gags Johnny with the scarf, lifting his head off the bed with his hands to wrap the scarf around it. "You're mine," he whispers maliciously and kisses Johnny's temple, ignoring the hatred lashing out of Johnny's eyes. Then he steps back and observes his handiwork.
Beautiful, he concludes as he takes in the pale, lean form of Johnny's naked body tied up on the bed, the smooth curve of his back and ass. Perfect, he smiles, marveling at Johnny's blood-red toe-nails, ruby lips struggling against the gag, and the first streak of wet on his flushed cheek.

Please, Johnny mouths through the gag, helpless and practically immobile.

"Yes," Evan smirks and unbuckles his leather belt. "Oh yes," he repeats, pulling out the belt and folding it in half in his hand.


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