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Petit Four for the Grand Prix
~by Estriel~

Jen tak pro informaci: Johnny Weir (USA), Evan Lysacek (USA), Daisuke Takahashi (JPN), Nobunari Oda (JPN), Alban Preaubert (FRA) a Brian Joubert (FRA) - to je šest krasobruslařů, kteří se kvalifikovali do finále Grand Prix v roce 2006 v Petrohradě. Evan si zranil bok při tréninku před krátkým programem a odstoupil během rozbruslení. Johnny se zranil při pádu ve svém krátkém programu a následující den (před volnou jízdou), musel rovněž odstoupit.
Mao Asada (JPN) je nadaná mladičká krasobruslařka, která ve finále Grand Prix v roce 2006 skončila druhá.
Čtyři krátké drabbles, které se všechny vztahují k finále Grand Prix a které jsou částečně, ale ne úplně, propletené. Všechny se odehrávají v noci před volnou jízdou.


There is a soft knock on the door and Johnny gets up from the bed, hissing at the pain that shoots through his hip as he stands up. He unlocks the door and finds himself staring into an enormous bouquet of flowers.

"Johnny," comes a heavily-accented voice from behind the red roses. "This is for you." The flowers are thrust into his arms and Johnny's jaw drops in surprise when he recognizes the person standing in front of his door.

"Th... Thank you?" he says, consternated. "But... why? I mean. Why would you –" he gestures towards the flowers, then looks at the man standing in front of him, suddenly curious. Daisuke Takahashi blushes and lowers his eyes.

"You are beautiful," he admits, blushing, and smiles shyly. "You are –"

Johnny never finds out what the Japanese was going to say, because in that moment, the door of his room opens a little further and Evan steps into Takahashi's view.

"Taken," he finishes Takahashi's sentence, putting an arm around Johnny's shoulders. "He is taken."

Johnny sees anger flare up in Daisuke's eyes, but it is quickly replaced by embarrassment as the Japanese backs off, mumbling Sorry, I didn't know and something in Japanese that Johnny doesn't understand.
He turns around to look up at Evan, then stands up on his toes to press a quick kiss onto his lips.

"Evan!" he exclaims in the next second. "Why the fuck did you get up?! You're injured!" He starts ushering Evan towards the bed, slamming the door shut.

"I won't have anyone flirt around with my man." Evan mutters, limping to the bed. He lets Johnny tuck him in.
"And you're injured, too," he adds as Johnny crawls in beside him.

"Am not! I'm going to skate tomorrow," Johnny frowns, stubborn. He tries to roll over onto his right side to prove his point and to look at Evan, but gives up when his hip throbs with pain once again. "I'm going to skate," he whispers to himself before closing his eyes.

Nobunari watches Daisuke knock on Johnny Weir's door, peeking from around the corner. Weir opens the door and accepts the flowers – the flowers Nobunari had helped choose. It broke his heart when Daisuke had come to ask him to come along, it hurt to hear him go on about how beautiful Johnny Weir is. But he went and kept his mouth shut, nodding every once in a while to show that he's listening. He knows it's pathetic, but he just wants to be near Daisuke if he can't be with him.
He feels a pat on his shoulder and turns around to find Mao standing right behind him.
"Give it up, 'Nari," she says quietly. "Give him up."
"I wish I could," he sighs. Maybe he will give me a chance... he muses, watching the crestfallen Daisuke stalk off.

Alban knows he'll never be good enough. Not good enough for his country, not good enough for the federation, not good enough for Brian. But he still tries.

He knows that he doesn't have Brian's masculine strength, Oda's magical knees, or Weir's natural grace, so he decides to simply entertain and amuse. Sometimes, though, it is hard to be a funny little bee. Despite his best efforts, he's far from being funky and happy these days. He tries not to see the hopeful looks Brian has been casting in the direction of the guest stands. He pretends that Brian ignoring him doesn't hurt. He tries to ignore the hoarse cry of Zhenya that escapes Brian's lips when he comes inside Alban's mouth the night after the short program.

Alban tries, but deep inside he knows he'll never be the man Brian wants.

It was stupid of him to get his hopes up. Of course he's not there. It's not like he has the time to come to every competition Brian happens to enter. But… Zhenya had come to the Cup of Russia, had come to watch him and to wish him good luck. That must have meant something… Or maybe it's just wishful thinking, Brian ponders, maybe he's just imagining that Zhenya actually cares.
He goes out and skates his short, but nothing works the way it should. He tells the media that he's tired after all the competitions, but that's not the truth. What really makes him tired – mentally tired – is this endless hoping, but never getting what he wants.
Deciding that he won't let Zhenya's ghost occupy his mind anymore, he resolutely knocks on the door in front of him. When Alban answers it, Brian doesn't wait for his consent and walks right in. He waits for the Frenchman to close the door, walk over to him and sink onto his knees in front of him. When a warm mouth engulfs his cock, Brian closes his eyes and forgets about everything, including the identity of the man he's with.


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