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Pertaining to Motion
~by Estriel~
For Teri

Pozn.: Napsáno v rámci "kiss meme", klíčové slovo: rhythm. Ten kiss se mi tam nějak nevešel, ale což. ;)

"You're queer," Kinney says – a statement, not a question – and runs his gaze down the length of Johnny's body.

Johnny rolls his eyes. "And you're wearing an Armani from two seasons ago," he points out in response and watches Kinney's jaw drop a little in the second before he composes himself.
"However," he then goes on, "I don't see how either of these issues has anything to do with our business," he lifts the portfolio he has brought with him.

Seriously, what was Justin thinking? Or rather what were they both thinking, the Justins – yes, Paris' new boyfriend is a Justin, too, and it's cute, but how on Earth did they come to the conclusion that going to an agency in Pittsburg to help him sell his first collection would work?! Mr Kinnetic has clearly not even heard of manners. Johnny would just walk right away if Paris wasn't smitten and persuaded that whatever Justin says is The Best Idea and if Johnny wasn't such a good, self-sacrificing fool of a friend.

"Actually," Kinney interrupts his train of thought, voice low and smooth, "I think that these issues are of great relevance for our... business," he says and gives Johnny a lopsided grin.

Some ten minutes later, Kinney is rid of his outdated suit and Johnny is rid of his doubts, or of all rational thought in general, because hell, Kinnetic really is a fitting name for this man and Johnny likes him more and more with every rhythmic thrust and motion.


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