Fan Fiction - Krasobruslení - Drabbles

~by Estriel~

„SANDHU?!“ Johnny exclaimed, outraged. „You had sex with Emanuel Sandhu?!“

“Johnny!” Evan hissed. “I don’t want the entire Torino to know about my preferences!” He looked around worriedly. When he saw that no people were paying attention to them, he calmed down.
“Besides,” he continued in a hushed tone, “we didn’t really have sex, okay? I just blew him and he returned the favor.” Evan felt himself blush at the memory.

“Yeah, whatever!” Johnny shook his head. “Sandhu… Evan, he’s… Have you seen his costumes?“ he snorted. “Shameless. His pants couldn’t possibly be any tighter and more revealing. It’s tasteless. They should ban him from competition. Showing off with his ass and his cock like that!” Johnny’s face twisted in theatrical disgust.

“It’s a nice cock,” Evan pointed out and smiled as he heard Johnny gasp.

“Evan Lysacek! This is going way too far! Ew!” Johnny grimaced, indicating nausea. “Sandhu, of all people…” he muttered to himself.

“Oh c’mon, Johnny! Don’t be ridiculous. I bet you’re not that innocent yourself!” Evan teased. He was kidding, but not entirely – he was persuaded that someone like Johnny must be getting laid… a lot!

Johnny stopped in his tracks.
“What?!” he asked, shocked. “Are you suggesting that… What do you mean, Evan?!” He glared at him.

“Nothing,” Evan chuckled.

Johnny pouted.

Evan expected Johnny would stick out his tongue at him, or start a long rant, or do something similar, something worthy of Johnny-the-drama-queen. Instead, Johnny looked down at his feet in black leather boots, and didn’t say a word for a good minute.
When he finally looked up and met Evan’s eyes, Johnny’s expression was serious.

“Just so you know,” he said resolutely, “there’s only one skater I’m interested in.”

Evan lifted his eyebrows in surprise and was about to speak but Johnny answered his question before he could even ask it.

“The skater is you.”
With that, Johnny flashed a smile and turned to stride away.

Evan stood there, in the middle of one of Torino’s shopping streets, gawking and trying to grasp what he’s just been told. Then, when the message finally started to make sense in his brain, Evan wasted no time.

“Johnny!” he yelled and ran after Johnny, a huge grin appearing on his face.


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