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Nothing You Can Do
~by Estriel~
For Mosca

Pozn. autorky: Jaro 2008. Tanith a Ben se rozhodli opustit svého trenéra a přestěhovat se do jiného státu, k jiným trenérům...


Sometimes there’s nothing you can do. Like when you stumble in the compulsory, then spend the rest of the competition playing catch-up. Like when you don’t open the door for Tessa that night, then spend the rest of the week in Sweden trying to explain yourself, blaming everything from Ben, over the weather to PMS. Anything but the actual reason, the one that makes Tessa mad, the fact that your relationship only works as long as you win. There’s nothing to be done, not with both of you being so damn stubborn. And so you talk Ben into leaving.

Good that Ben isn’t stubborn. Good that Ben and Charlie didn’t work out when they tried. Because this way, Ben agrees when Pennsylvania comes up as an option. Because Ben is so much wiser and knows that dating the competition is no good. Which is why Ben is dating Johnny. Or fucking Johnny, because Ben is smarter than that, too. And Pennsylvania is so much closer to Jersey than Michigan, so Ben will get more Johnny, while you get more... distance. Maybe that will help. Or not, because you’re a skater and there’s nothing you can do – winning always comes first.


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