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Not About Love
~by Estriel~

„My ass hurts,“ he informs as he plumps down beside me, but judging by the grin on his face, he doesn’t really mind the state of his behind. “You wouldn’t believe how big Brian’s dick is,” he laughs. “He fucked me all night. Again.”

He expects me to smile, so I do, but the smile turns out sour.

“That’s what I call stamina,” he rants on, not even noticing my discomfort.

“That’s all very nice. But does he love you, Johnny?” I ask and he shuts up, turning his head to me in surprise.

“Of course not,” he says as if he thought me a lunatic. “This isn’t about love, Ev,” he explains. “Love is rare to find,” he adds broodingly, turning away from me and staring to the front of the bus.


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