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~by Estriel~

Jen tak pro informaci: Ryo Shibata (JPN) je krasobruslař, kterému přezdívají "Japonský Weir", protože je na ledě podobně elegantní a graciézní jako Johnny. Johnny a Ryo oba bruslili na Cup of Russia v r. 2006, kde se odehrává i tento kratičký příběh.

He wasn't his type, not really. He was… too much like him. But Johnny still couldn't help but be flattered when he felt Ryo's gazes on him, over and over again. The admiring looks the Japanese boy was shooting him from beneath his long eyelashes almost made Johnny blush. He had grown accustomed to being adored by fans. But receiving this type of attention from a fellow skater felt different.
When Ryo came up to him, bowing and calling him Weir-sensei in a shy, soft voice, Johnny blushed for real. He didn't speak Japanese, but he was familiar enough with the language to know how much respect the other skater was paying him by addressing him like that. Ryo barely spoke any English, but when he handed Johnny his skates and a silver permanent marker and rambled something in Japanese, glancing up at Johnny for just a second, Johnny understood and was taken aback.
"But… Are you sure?" he asked, turning the marker in his palm nervously.

"Hai," Ryo nodded fervently. "This… For luck, Weir-sensei," he explained in broken English, looking up and meeting Johnny's eyes for the first time. There was something about his eyes – almond shaped, deep brown, and rimmed with dark, curled lashes – that took Johnny's breath away.
He is… beautiful, Johnny realized, marvelling at Ryo the way an art-enthusiast would marvel at a magnificent painting. He stared at Ryo's face – flawless skin; full, soft lips; high cheekbones; deer eyes brought out with make-up, dark fringe framing his features – and wondered whether this was what those who called him beautiful saw. Looking into the mirror, he never quite saw it in himself, he never understood what anyone might see in him. For a long time, all he could see was too pointy, too soft, too curvy.
As he drew a heart onto each of Ryo's skates, adding the final touch to his autograph, Johnny wondered if maybe things were the same for Ryo. Handing back the boy's skates, he decided to try to help, try to chase away some of the insecurities he himself had faced a thousand times.

"Ryo," he said and brushed his fingers against his when he returned the marker. The Japanese jumped under his touch, looking at him with wide eyes. "Has anyone ever told you how gorgeous you are?" he whispered, lifting one hand to push away the hair from the boy's eyes. "If not… I'm telling you now. You are beautiful, every single part of you. Beau-ti-ful," he traced the contours of Ryo's face with one finger. "And there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. There's nothing wrong with how you look, how you skate, or who you are." Johnny finished, gently stroking Ryo's cheek with the back of his hand.
"Do you understand?" he asked then, suddenly awkward. When he didn't receive any response, he shook his head. "You probably didn't get half of what I said, but hopefully… you'll understand this." He leaned closer and brushed his lips softly against Ryo's, a kiss as light as a flutter of butterfly wings. He pulled back slowly, giving the stunned Japanese a small smile. "You are wonderful. Don't ever let anyone make you believe anything else," he said, then turned to walk out of the empty lounge, leaving Ryo – a skate in each hand – alone.
When he closed the door behind himself, Johnny couldn't help but wince. He wished he'd had someone to tell him a sentence like this before the beginning of this season, before he had decided to try to change.


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