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Midnight Mission
~by Estriel~

Varování: Povídka obsahuje explicitní sexuální scény. PWP.


He’s not sure if this is a good idea. Hell, he’s not even sure what he should expect. Nevertheless, at five to midnight, Evan opens the door of his hotel room and peeks into the corridor, checking to make sure there is no unwanted audience this time. The hallway turns out to be empty and quiet and Evan slips out of the door, closing it behind himself soundlessly. He hopes that this hotel doesn’t have the lights that go on automatically as soon as there is movement in the corridor. This is stupid, really, he says to himself, but he is still glad when the hallway remains dark, illuminated only by the dim light of a few lamps. Somehow, Evan feels more comfortable in the semi-darkness than he would in bright electric light – the darkness graciously hides his flushed cheeks, his darting eyes and nervous hands, and most importantly the bulge in his pyjama bottoms…
He’s been half-hard since Johnny kissed him after the show. It didn’t exactly help the situation that all he could think about for the following two and a half hours was that naughty grin he'd been given after the kiss, the way Johnny had been looking at him all the way to the hotel – with something much more than the ordinary mischief in his eyes – and the meaningful smile accompanied by a quick sweep of tongue across his lips that Evan had received just before they parted to go to their rooms.

As he tiptoes across the soft carpet, Evan almost feels like an agent on a secret mission. He finally reaches the door of Johnny’s room – or at least what he thinks is Johnny’s room. He stops in front of it, staring at the wooden surface, and takes three deep breaths before he dares to knock. He prays that he’s at the right door. (How the hell would he explain his appearance in only his pyjama pants and an old t-shirt at some stranger’s door late at night?!)
He hears the lock click, then the door opens and thank god because it is Johnny standing in the doorframe. He’s dressed in loose pants he probably sleeps in and a silly blue t-shirt with hearts saying Everyone loves a Jewish boy in white print on the front. Evan doesn’t care – or know for that matter – if Johnny is Jewish or not, but he sure loves the feeling that spreads through his stomach when Johnny’s face lights up in a bright smile.

“Evan…” he purrs and lifts one hand to touch Evan’s face. “I wasn’t sure if you’d come.” Gentle fingers stroke Evan’s cheek. He shivers under the touch.

“I wasn’t, either,” he mumbles.

“I’m glad you’re here,” Johnny says sincerely. “Come on in.” With that, Johnny eagerly tugs at Evan’s shirt and pulls him into the room.

“I…um…” Evan begins, even though he doesn’t know what he wants to say. Normally, as friends, he and Johnny would talk, joke around… But tonight he isn’t here as a friend, or so he assumes, and he feels a bit awkward. Therefore, he’s quite grateful when Johnny steps in front of him and places his index finger over Evan’s lips with a quiet shhh. Johnny stands up on his toes to make up for his lack of height and leans forward, bringing his lips close to Evan’s ear.

“I’m gonna make sure you don’t forget this tour, Evan,” he whispers a hot breath against Evan’s skin.

“And… how exactly are you going to achieve that? I’ve been to lots of tours, you know, one like the other…” Evan’s voice comes out a little shaky, but the awkwardness he felt a short while ago is starting to dissipate – mostly because the nimble hand that sneaks around his waist and under his t-shirt makes it nearly impossible to focus on anything but the sensation.

“Let me show you,” Johnny answers and brings their lips together in a kiss. Unlike their first, this one is slow and teasing. Johnny takes his time, he tastes at Evan’s lower lip first, then slips the tip of his tongue inside Evan’s mouth and runs it over his teeth. All this time Johnny keeps his eyes open, he keeps looking at Evan from under those incredible eyelashes. The intensity of that gaze makes Evan blush – he can’t help but imagine all the things that may follow… Johnny’s hand is drawing small circles onto his lower back, nails graze his skin lightly and Evan lets his eyes fall shut with a contented sigh. He could absolutely get used to this.

Suddenly, Johnny breaks the kiss and when Evan re-opens his eyes, he finds Johnny smiling up at him. He reaches out for Evan’s hand and intertwines their fingers.
“C’mon,” he says and leads Evan into the bedroom. Evan notices the countless pieces of luggage stacked inside and in front of the wardrobe – there’s no point in unpacking, as they’ll be leaving for another city the following day… That’s about all that Evan has time to notice, though; his full attention belongs to the man in front of him. Evan watches Johnny pull off the ‘Jewish boy’ shirt. His hair gets messed up in the process, dark locks falling over his eyes, and Evan has to wonder if this is what Johnny’s hair looks like after sex, too. He catches himself hoping that he’ll have not one but many chances to find out before the tour is over. Then Johnny pulls at the cord holding his pants in place, untying it with one quick tug, and his pyjama bottoms slip down an inch, revealing a smooth curve of hip but no more…

Evan swallows, running his eyes over all the taut muscle and perfectly tanned skin. He raises his eyebrows in expectation.
“And?” His voice sounds unusually hoarse as he whispers that one word.

“And??? You’re gonna have to get the rest yourself. That is… if you want to.” Johnny tilts his head to one side teasingly, hair falling upon his bare shoulder.

Calm, Evan says to himself, stay calm, but his body refuses to listen. He takes a deep breath, trying to slow down the crazy tempo of his heart hammering in his chest. He may not have been sure whether to come here or not, but he's very sure now of what he wants to do – touch and feel and take this beautiful body that is being offered to him in such a blatant manner.

Evan steps forward and wraps his arms around Johnny’s slim waist, running his fingers across his back, enjoying the feel of soft, warm skin. He leans down to kiss Johnny’s mouth and wants to pull him into an embrace, but Johnny finally seems to have lost his patience. He grabs Evan’s shirt and helps him strip of it. Then he places his hand on Evan’s chest, resting his palm flat over where his heart is fluttering like a little butterfly, and pushes him backwards until the backs of Evan’s knees bump against the bed. Evan tumbles down and lands on his back.

He looks up at Johnny standing between his spread knees, and suddenly becomes aware of the position he’s in… The realization is accompanied by a slight shock – this is not what Evan is used to, in fact, he’s never… But before he has the chance to contemplate the option of a quick, panicky escape, Johnny moves forward and crawls over him, seating himself on Evan’s lap. Evan gasps at the delicious pressure that Johnny’s weight puts on his cock, and inwardly curses these evil tactics which leave absolutely no room for clear, rational thought. He ponders the idea of bottoming for a short while, and it doesn’t sound as scary anymore now that Johnny is kissing his way down Evan’s chest. A little later, as Johnny dips his tongue into Evan’s navel and then licks at his happy trail, Evan comes to the conclusion that it might even be worth it. And as Johnny rubs his palm against Evan’s cock through the fabric, Evan stops thinking altogether and thrusts his hips up to get more of the touch – he doesn’t give a damn about who is going to fuck who, as long as it’s soon.

Johnny runs one finger along the waistband of Evan’s pants, then slowly pulls them off Evan’s hips. He stops for a while, looking down at him and Evan feels a blush creep up his face – having sex is one thing, but having someone gaze at you while you’re naked and exposed is another. It’s strangely intimate and it makes Evan avert his eyes and fidget nervously.
Johnny seems to sense his uneasiness, because he decides to move on. He sits down on his heels between Evan’s spread legs, resting his palms on Evan’s bare thighs. He smiles reassuringly, then leans down to twirl his tongue around the tip of Evan’s cock.

“God,” Evan groans and squeezes his eyes shut, his fingers clutching and twisting at the soft sheets.
Johnny continues by licking down his length, then takes half of Evan’s cock into his mouth and sucks. Evan has to bite down on his lip to stay quiet.
He’s finding it hard to breathe; the wet warmth around his cock is slowly driving him insane… He jerks his hips upwards, but nails dig into his thighs and Johnny’s pushing him back down, not allowing him to get more.
After another minute of the sweet torture, Evan finally cries out. “Damn it, Johnny!”

“Yes, Evan, dear?” Johnny whispers, sitting up and giving Evan an innocent smile, dragging his nails along Evan’s thighs.

“Just… Ah… Stop this or finish it or fuck me already,” he demands. “Please?” he adds.

Johnny straightens up on his knees and wriggles out of his own pyjama bottoms, tossing them off on the floor. Naked, he straddles Evan and a curls his lips in a smile. Evan pushes himself up on his elbows and watches Johnny tilt his head back and moisten his lips with his tongue.

“Fuck you? I don’t think so,” he says and quickly shakes his head to stop Evan’s protests. “Unless you really insist on the opposite, I would much rather if you,” he runs his index finger over Evan’s chest, “fucked me.” Johnny smiles but it’s not one of his usual innocent smiles – it still sweet, yes, but sweet like the honey you dribble over your lover’s body and lick off, not the Winnie-the-Pooh kind.
“So… What do you say?” Johnny asks and meets Evan’s eyes.

Evan nods fervently and starts moving, intent to flip Johnny over onto his back, but Johnny doesn’t let him. He shakes his head and Evan watches, eyes alight with lust, how Johnny takes a tube of lube from the bedside table, slicks the clear gel over his fingers and prepares himself quickly. Johnny frowns for a second, bites his lip, his pretty face twisted for just a moment… He’s not being very gentle with himself, Evan realizes, astounded, and decides that next time – if there is a next time! – he’s going to take care of this himself and be much more tender.

Then Johnny’s fingers are smearing some of the cool gel over his cock and once again, Evan is forced to drop whatever he may have been thinking about. Johnny sits astride his hips and Evan feels his heart speed up with anticipation. He’s had sex, but never quite like this. Most of his previous experiences had been rushed and usually took place in darkened rooms with lights switched off. Now he is watching Johnny with fascination – he seems to be so aware of his own body, comfortable with it, so very at ease. He’s looking at Evan with no sign of shame or awkwardness as he rips off the wrapper of a condom and slips it onto Evan’s dick with nimble fingers.

Johnny takes Evan’s cock in one hand and carefully leads Evan inside himself. He gasps quietly and his eyes flutter shut as he lowers himself, taking Evan in. Johnny remains still for a moment, breathing steadily, as if to give his body time to get used to the sensation.
Then he looks up, his eyes darkened and shining. He lifts his hands to stroke Evan’s neck and hair, resting his forearms on Evan’s shoulders. Evan hugs Johnny’s slender form, hands ghosting over his back, feeling muscles and the contours of bones underneath. He buries his face in the crook of Johnny’s neck, inhales the scent of his skin, and starts planting little kisses along his shoulders… The kisses turn into gentle bites as they rock together. Later the caresses cease completely to be substituted by little helpless moans of pleasure, which Evan tries to muffle in Johnny’s left shoulder. He whispers Johnny’s name every once in a while, his voice hoarse and thick with lust.

He crushes Johnny to himself when he comes – the sweet, long-awaited release makes him dizzy and he holds on to Johnny to keep his grasp on reality.
Johnny comes split-seconds after, digging his fingers into Evan’s shoulders, and a single cry escapes his lips. Then he collapses into Evan’s arms and they flop back onto the bed together. Johnny lies there for a while, head resting on Evan’s chest, as if listening to Evan’s heartbeat. Evan feels so peaceful, like he could fall into a soft slumber any minute… Johnny lifts up his head and kisses Evan on the lips before rolling off and stretching out beside him.

Evan’s state of perfect peace and serenity lasts another minute, but then uncomfortable questions pop up in his head: What now? Should he stay? Or does Johnny expect him to get up and leave?
Evan wishes Johnny would give him some kind of a hint, let him know what he wants from him, but Johnny just lies there, apparently content and slightly sleepy.
What was this, anyway? the little voice in Evan’s head presses on, poking viciously. A fling? Just a ‘fuck’? Evan has no idea but it unsettles him greatly. As far as he’s concerned…Once again, Evan hopes that this was not all there is, that there will be more than just this one night. But as the silence stretches out, he grows more and more insecure. Then, finally, he speaks the words he’s been trying to avoid:
“I think… I think I should go, then.” Evan almost winces at how heartless that sounds.

“Okay,” Johnny shrugs and the single word hurts – Evan pictured a different reaction. Please stay or don’t go or wait. Not okay.

Nevertheless, Evan sits up on the bed and gets up to pick up his clothes from the floor. He pulls on his pants and t-shirt and stays standing in the middle of the hotel room helplessly, not sure of what to do next. He turns to Johnny, who has meanwhile curled up in the sheets. Johnny is watching him with a gentle smile on his face.

“Well…” Evan starts, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

“Good night, Ev,” Johnny whispers.

“Night,” Evan mutters in response and heads to the door.


When Evan lies down in his own bed some fifteen minutes later, after he’s snuck back to his room and taken a shower, his body is perfectly satisfied and wonderfully exhausted. In his heart, though, Evan feels cold emptiness and hunger.


Děkuji Reet a Betsy za beta-read. / Thanks for beta-reading, Reet and Betsy.

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