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Le Petit Prince
~by Estriel~

Stéphane believes he is perfectly capable of looking after himself. He can live on his own and make his own coffee, he can stand up for his opinions and say no if need be. Stéphane can do all that, be a serious grown-up...

It only takes a few days and suddenly living on his own in his new apartment in Wayne feels awfully lonely and depressing. A few mornings and Stéphane realizes that he can no longer imagine arriving to the rink without having shared an overpriced, oversized morning latte with a certain Starbucks addict first. It takes one practice with Viktor and Galina for Stéphane to learn how to hold his tongue where on-ice matters are concerned.

Approximately five minutes after that first session with Viktor and Galina, Johnny corners him in the lockers, breathing hard and sweaty and already completely rid of practice clothes, and whispers a needy take me into his ear. Deep inside, Stéphane suspects that this is not such a good idea. But, surprisingly, he finds out that his head’s opinion doesn’t really matter... and that he could never, ever say no. And so he says yes... because being le Petit Prince is nicer, anyway.


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