Fan Fiction - Krasobruslení - Drabbles

~by Estriel~
For Cel

Pozn.: Napsáno v rámci drabble meme, v níž mi zájemci pokládali otázky, na které jsem odpovídala ve formě drabbles. Cel se zeptala: How did Stéphane react when he found Johnny naked in his apartment, cuddling a cat?


He fumbles with the keys for a moment before he finally manages to unlock the door single-handedly, then slips inside and closes the door behind himself as quietly as possible. He sets the bag of fresh bakery on the kitchen counter. Johnny probably won’t eat much, will stick to his diet. But it’s been a long time since Stéphane’s had a guest this important stay through the night and he thinks the occasion calls for special treatment.

He tiptoes to the bedroom, half expecting Johnny to be fully awake, because Johnny is such a light sleeper. But, to his delight, Johnny is still soundly asleep, curled up in almost exactly the position Stéphane left him in.

He smiles, feeling a little proud that he’s managed to wear Johnny out enough to give him a good night’s sleep. And that Johnny feels this comfortable with him, at his place.

He’s about to climb back into bed to kiss Johnny awake when a little gray head pokes from underneath the covers, followed by one small paw.

“Siane?” he whispers in surprise, head tipped to the side. “What are you doing there?”

The kitten meows quietly and nuzzles her head against Johnny’s naked chest. Johnny stirs in his sleep, mumbles something.

“Shh,” Stéphane shushes and sits down on the end of the bed, stripping of his t-shirt. “I knew you’d like him,” he smiles at the cat and watches as she pokes Johnny some more with her paw, clearly not happy to be ignored. She nudges him with her nose, then sweeps her pink tongue over his arm.

Stéphane chuckles. “Hey. That’s my job,” he says and climbs in beside Johnny, one hand stroking the kitty, the other Johnny’s hair.


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