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Just To
~by Estriel~

Touch me, Johnny’s t-shirt reads and Evan wants to.

Just to see how it would make him feel – would it gross him out? Scare him? Turn him on? Evan stops himself, because that’s a dangerous thought.

Just to find out how different it would be, how different from the girls Evan has touched. He wants to kiss, to see if he’d be able to tell the difference even if he closed his eyes – maybe Johnny’s jaw would scratch. Though maybe Evan wouldn’t even notice because he hasn’t shaved in days. But, he imagines, Johnny’s lips would be smooth, like a girl’s, because Johnny likes to apply lip-balm before skating, and after.

Just to find out if Johnny’s like him, or different. He imagines Johnny’s naked body, lean and tanned like his own, though he can’t be sure, because Johnny’s a bit of a prude and never strips in the lockers. Evan doesn’t like people touching his feet, or the bruises from crashed quads and triples, and he wonders if Johnny would shy away from his hands if he tried that. He’s curious about the way Johnny’s hips would feel if he ran his hands over them. Softer than his own, he imagines; Johnny’s got curves Evan’s never even dreamed off, curves built of zero percent fat, hundred percent muscle – fat doesn’t stand a chance against the training schedule and the diet.

Just to see Johnny’s reactions, to see if he could make Johnny moan the way Johnny did that one time when Evan walked into a locker to find some other boy – a pair skater, Evan thinks – pinning Johnny to the wall, mouth working against his arched neck.

He wants to touch just to see if Johnny would let him. And if, maybe, Johnny’d want to touch him in return.


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