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It Was Fate
~by Estriel~

Rooming with Johnny Weir during the Champions on Ice tour came with a row of obvious benefits. Evan got useful fashion advice whenever he asked for it (and sometimes even when he didn’t ask). He was kept updated on the newest gossip, there was always enough coffee around Johnny and he didn't need to go far for a good laugh – Johnny could be funny as hell when he wanted to.

Unfortunately, sharing a room with the swan also brought several inconveniences with it. There was never enough space for Evan’s two suitcases in the closet, as Johnny’s Louis Vuitton luggage always filled at least three quarters of it. Another thing was waiting an hour every morning before he could get into the bathroom. (“My hair needs proper care and attention, Evan. You have to understand that.”)
But Evan’s most pressing problem with Johnny’s presence was the fact that Johnny loved to sleep naked. Not that Evan was a prude – no. He didn't mind in the slightest – that is he wouldn’t if he could somehow keep himself from staring and persuade his body to stop reacting to the display of exposed Johnny-flesh.
He often lay awake at night because it’s not exactly easy to fall asleep with an aching hard-on. And when the exhaustion finally took over him and sealed his eyes, he dreamed of Johnny – Johnny’s arms, Johnny’s legs, Johnny’s back, Johnny’s ass. It was torture.
Sometimes, when sleep refused to come and his erection to go, Evan would sneak into the bathroom and bring himself off as quietly as possible, images of Johnny’s lithe body flashing in his mind.

He considered telling Johnny to fucking get dressed for bed, but in the end he dropped the idea – if he said something, Johnny might want to know what Evan’s problem was. Or he might actually start covering himself up and Evan wasn’t quite sure if he really wanted that.

And then it happened – a mistake in room planning.
“We’re very sorry, but we can’t do anything about it. We’re booked out,” they told them.

Evan was about to start protesting, hell, he wasn’t far from screaming at the receptionist, when Johnny smiled at the girl and announced: “That’s not a problem, don’t worry. We’ll be fine.”
He winked at Evan and grinned, the epitome of mischief. Evan groaned inwardly – he had enough trouble sharing a room with the swan, he didn’t even want to begin to think what sharing a bed would do to him.

Evan imagined that maybe Johnny would actually wear something now that they were forced to sleep in one bed, as a courtesy to Evan, out of good manner.
He hopped into bed first and hoped to fall asleep before Johnny finishes putting on his night cream – or whatever he was doing in the bathroom every evening. Then he wouldn’t even know or see, he’d just peacefully slumber and all would be good.
But falling asleep proved a lot harder than expected – the mental images of a gloriously naked Johnny Weir in his bed kept Evan and his cock awake.

When the bathroom door opened and light flooded the bedroom, revealing Johnny’s silhouette in the door frame, Evan determinedly turned to the wall, so that when Johnny switched off the light and slipped into bed next to him, he was greeted by Evan’s back.

Johnny fidgeted for good five minutes, as if trying to decide which the best sleeping position was, then he finally stilled.

“Good night,” he whispered.

Evan suddenly felt embarrassed about his behavior – it was pretty rude not to face Johnny and just turn his back on him. He rolled over, resting on his other side, and smiled at Johnny in the darkness.
“Good night,” he replied softly.

Johnny returned the smile, then folded one arm under his head and closed his eyes.

Evan watched, enthralled, how Johnny’s features became relaxed and peaceful, he watched his chest rise and fall with every breath, watched the little tremors that ran through Johnny’s fingers every once in a while.

God, he’s beautiful, he marveled. He was lying close to Johnny, too close, for rolling over to face him had inevitably brought him closer to the middle of the bed. He could smell Johnny, the fresh out-of-the-shower scent, and it was intoxicating.

He wondered what that skin must feel like, the smooth tanned lines of Johnny’s arms and chest; what the small dark nipples would be like in his fingers if he rubbed and squeezed them. Don’t think about that! Evan shook his head, trying to rid himself of the ideas that flooded his brain.

Johnny seemed to be soundly asleep now, completely unaware of Evan’s quiet suffering. Evan kept watching him, the skin, the firm muscles, the one-two-three little freckles… Surely he wouldn’t wake Johnny up if he just…
Without thinking, he reached out and touched Johnny’s shoulder with the tips of his fingers, then ran them down the length of Johnny’s arm, stopping at the fragile-looking wrist.

Johnny stirred and Evan jerked his hand back as if he’d been burnt. He pressed it against his chest, feeling the erratic fluttering of his heart.

Johnny opened his eyes, looking at Evan from beneath long dark eyelashes.

Oh god, oh my god. What did I do? What should I say? I’m sorry? Evan was about to start muttering apologies, when Johnny’s whisper interrupted him.

“It took you so damn long. I thought you’d never dare.” With that, Johnny lifted his arm and, smiling lazily, he brushed his hand against Evan’s cheek.

Evan’s breath hitched – this wasn’t the reaction he’d expected and it took him by surprise.

Johnny just rolled his eyes at him, then shifted closer to plant a small tentative kiss onto his lips.

“I… you… you mean -“ Evan struggled for words when Johnny pulled away. Is this really happening? he wondered. Maybe he had fallen asleep, after all.

Johnny laughed. “Did you really think it was a coincidence that we ended up being roommates?” he asked with a smirk. “Do you think that I’d run around naked just like that, without reason?”

Evan stared at him, dumbstruck. “You are evil, Johnny Weir, do you know that?” he finally stammered, shaking his head in disbelief.

Johnny chuckled. “I know. But nobody else does – they all think I’m sweet and innocent.”

“Are you responsible for this, too?” Evan gestured to indicate the bed they were both in.

“No,” Johnny admitted. “That was fate,” he winked. “Now will you please try to get over the brilliance of my evil scheme so that we can move on to more interesting matters?”

Evan was going to point out something about being the clueless victim here. He never got to do it, though. Instead, he just let his eyes fall shut and thanked the fate and all the other higher powers when Johnny slid a hand under the covers and pressed it against the bulge in his pajamas.


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