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~by Estriel~

Pozn.: Napsáno v souvislosti oné JAPAN vs. USA záležitosti (International Counter Match Competition), která se začátkem sezóny 2007/2008 konala v Yokohamě. Evan měl být jedním ze závodníků v Teamu USA, nakonec ale odstoupil. Místo něj volnou jízdu za USA odbruslil Jeremy Abbott.


Injured, the official report says. It’s a lie, yet another one to add to the pile of lies that are his life. The true reason Evan pulls out is his sweet sin, one silly slip, which somehow managed to turn into so much more, a monster gnawing at his conscience, a cancer consuming him from within.

He could blame Tanith if he wanted, because it was she who started that fight at Kimmie’s show. He could also blame Johnny, because it was him who didn’t say no even though he knew Evan wasn’t thinking straight. But in the end Evan has no one but himself to blame. He wanted it.

That night haunts him now; the fact that the memories fill him with longing rather than regret scares him. Maybe if he avoids Johnny for as long as possible, time will numb the feeling – Evan hopes. Going to Japan now – without Tanith, without Frank, even – would be dangerous. He could do something stupid. He’s afraid of facing Johnny, because all he can think about when he looks at him are those moments of heated touches and kisses they shared, Johnny’s smooth skin and the sound of his voice as he whimpered his name.
Evan. Like there was no one else in the world.
Evan. Like their rivalry was a thousand light-yeas away.
Evan. Like they could ever be more than a mistake.

Evan pulls out of the International Counter Match Competition and lets Jeremy take his place. Maybe the official report isn’t a lie, after all. His body might not be injured... but his heart certainly is.

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