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How Much Can Happen In One Minute
~by Estriel~

In one minute, you can listen to most of the Minute Waltz, but not all of it – Chopin cheated, the Minute Waltz takes one and a half minutes to play.

In one minute, you can get from one metro station to another, but only in Moscow – in St. Petersburg, everything is a little slower, including the metro.

I know people who can get dressed in one minute. (I am not one of these people.)

I also hear some people can run 500 meters in a minute (or a little more). I can't do that, but I can do thirteen triples in that time – it's called kill-drills and the name fits, because if you're not focused enough, you could easily kill yourself.

Also, your life can get completely fucked up in one minute.
That's how long it takes for him to break my heart.
"I can't do this anymore."
Eighteen, nineteen, twenty seconds.
"I want to be a champion."
Don't we all?! I don't say anything, though, too paralyzed, too scared to speak.
"This… you… are not right for me."
But it feels right!
"I'm not gay."
Fucking liar!
"I'm sorry," he says, but I know he's not. Not really. "This was a mistake."
Fifty-five, fifty-six, fifty-seven. He walks out of my hotel room and quietly closes the door behind himself.
I sit down on the floor and start crying.


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