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~by Estriel~

Jen tak pro informaci: Johnny během ZOH v Turíně přiznal, že už dva roky s někým chodí. Donesla se ke mně zvěst, že jeho tajnou láskou by údajně měl být Sergei Dobrin. A protože mám ráda drby, zejména když propagují takový krásný pár, nedalo mi to a musela jsem o té možnosti popřemýšlet - a vypadla ze mně tahle drabble. Scéna se odehrává na začátku MS v krasobruslení v Calgary (2006).


Goodbye my lover
Goodbye my friend
You have been the one
You have been the one for me

~James Blunt – Goodbye My Lover~

Johnny had always loved the luxury of sleeping in beds that were large enough for three. This time, though, he felt small and somehow inappropriate in the king-sized hotel bed. He hugged the pillow and pulled his knees to his chest, curling up in a little ball. Over the past two years, Johnny became used to not being alone at night – now that Sergei was gone, not just for a couple of days or weeks, but for ever, Johnny missed the arms that would wrap loosely around his chest as they slept, he missed the breath at the nape of his neck as Sergei snuggled up behind him, he missed the warmth and intimacy they had shared… Johnny wondered if this was how it always felt when you broke up with someone – cold and lonely and empty.
He buried his face in the silky pillow, stifling a sob, and breathed in the clean smell. It made him remember the scent of Sergei’s skin when they went to bed; he’d always smelled of fresh soap.

It had come so unexpected. One day everything seemed to be just alright, the next Sergei was telling him that this is not working and we both have to focus on our skating now and also Plushenko will be gone soon and I want to take his place in Russia, surely you can understand, Johnny. In a way, Johnny did. But he still felt betrayed. You didn’t end a two-year relationship, a commitment!, with a prosti and a paka – it was not fair, it was not enough!

Johnny would prefer to be mad at Sergei, he wished he could be, but thinking of his now-ex-lover didn’t make his blood boil like he imagined it should – he had the right to be enraged, damn it! Instead, thinking of Sergei made him feel sad and crushed and stupid.

Johnny thought it was a bit tactless of Sergei to break up with him only a few days before Worlds. He didn’t like to admit it, but Sergei’s words had thrown Johnny, they had shattered his confidence, already frail after the Olympics. He knew for sure that Worlds was doomed. He even considered pulling out… He decided not to and part of the reason behind his decision was Johnny’s determination not to let Sergei know just how much he had hurt him.
So now he was in Calgary, alone in an unfamiliar bed, and all he could hold on to were painful memories and a bunch of fluffy pillows.


Pozn.: "Prosti" (psáno прости) znamená rusky "promiň" a "paka" (psáno пока) znamená "ahoj" (při loučení).

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