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Good Boy
~by Estriel~

Pozn.: Cup of Russia 2007. Johnny v mixed zone narazil na pár fanoušků, kteří se rozhodli s ním natočit krátké interview. Tak nějak došlo až na diskusi o sexu... Z videa není slyšet otázka, jen to, jak se Johnny ohradil, s velice roztomilým výrazem ve tváři: No! I'm good. I'm a busy sportsman. I go to bed at 8:30 every night.


The thrusts are deep, elaborate, each of them sending a jolt of pleasure through Johnny’s system. He arches his back like a cat stretching, claws his fingers into the soft sheets as Evan hits that spot once again, the one that makes his world dissolve in front of his eyes for a second.
“Fuck,” he whimpers and blinks away drops of sweat, his voice as shaky as the rest of his body.

“Yes,” he feels Evan’s groan more than he hears it, feels the heat of his breath tickle his nape, followed by a hot wet tongue as Evan licks the length of it, finishing at his hairline. “You taste so good,” Evan mumbles softly, a little carried away for a moment, his voice muffled against Johnny’s hair. He freezes for a second, then sinks his teeth into Johnny’s shoulder unexpectedly. Johnny gasps at the sharp pain and his arms give out under him, sending them tumbling onto the bed. Evan stays still for a while, a burning, steady weight on Johnny’s back, then lifts his hips and slides out almost completely. He chuckles when Johnny reacts almost instantly, grinding his ass up against Evan to pull him back in.
“You’re such a little slut, aren’t you?” Evan teases, but his laughter turns into a moan when Johnny clenches his muscles, squeezing him tight. Evan gives him a slap on the ass, sharp and stinging. “Playing dirty?” he whispers into Johnny’s ear, licks it, blows a breath of cold air over it.

“No,” Johnny pants and his eyes flutter closed when Evan wraps his hand around his dick and gives it a long stroke that brings him dangerously close to the edge. “I’m a good boy.”


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