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Fallen Angels
~by Estriel~

Pozn. autorky: Inspirováno programem nazvaným "Fallen Angels" (Padlí Andělé), který Johnny předvedl společně s tanečním párem Melissa Gregory/Denis Petukhov (USA). Premiéru tohoto programu můžete shlédnout zde.


They crash into the room, laughing, tipsy and still giddy from the standing ovation their performance had gained them earlier that night. The door closes behind them and before Johnny even realizes what's going on, they are kissing, a tangle of tongues, two pairs of hands on his body. He's drunk, but by far not drunk enough, so after a few moments his brain kicks in, his eyes snap open and he takes a step back, bewildered.

"What... are we doing?" he stammers, looking from Denis to Melissa, then back at Denis.

"Fallen Angels, part two?" Melissa smiles at him, moving closer and pinching his cheek. "We've been thinking about this for a very...," she runs her hand along his jaw, "long..." brushes her thumb across his lips, "time."

Denis steps behind him and places his hands on his shoulders, rubbing away the tenseness in his muscles.
"You're beautiful, Johnny," he says and, leaning down, touches the nape of his neck with his nose, breathes in his scent. "We want you," he adds, briefly pressing his lips onto the pale birthmark on Johnny's neck.

Johnny realizes that he should have expected this. He had his share of experiences with Russians, or ex-Russians – it doesn't make a difference, really, how long they've been living in America. He knows how wicked Russians can be. And apparently, the wickedness is contagious, because Johnny is positive that Melissa has no Russian ancestry. Or maybe it's an ice-dancer thing, maybe they're all like this, a crazy we instead of two separate people.

He opens his mouth to say something, to stand up for his morals, but Melissa shushes him, shaking her head.

"Don't tell me you haven't thought about this, Johnny," Denis whispers behind him, wrapping his arms around Johnny, resting his hands on his hips and gently pulling him into his embrace.

"I – " he begins but falls silent when he realizes that, in truth, he has, in deed, thought of this. He thought of this when they were on the ice together, working on their program, wrapped up in the process of creation, exhilarated by the ideas that kept coming. He thought of this when he felt the two move next to him, with him on the ice, three minds connected to create something magical, three bodies in perfect harmony.

"See," Melissa smiles smugly in response. "Don't overanalyze this."

"Just enjoy..." With that, Denis lets his hand slip into Johnny's jeans and Johnny can't help but throw his head back where it rests on Denis' shoulder, while Melissa's warm body presses up against him from the front, her lips teasing at the exposed curve of his neck.

He gets lost in the sensations; touches, kisses, licks and bites everywhere until he doesn't know – or care – who they come from. It's almost like their skating when they melt together, bodies and minds mingled in something perfect, unforgettable.

When Johnny lies on the bed later, nestled in the warm cocoon that are Melissa's and Denis' bodies on either side of him, exhausted and satisfied, he can't stop himself from smiling.
"If I had known what it's like..." he says with a laugh, "I would have become an ice-dancer."

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