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En Russie
~by Estriel~

Pozn.: 8. březen se v Rusku slaví MDŽ. Všechny ženy dostanou od mužů pugéty květin, dárky... Johnny v té době v roce 2008 trénoval v Moskvě, Evan měl v plánu trénovat S Tatianou Tarasovou (taktéž v Rusku?) a Stéphane byl v Petrohradě u Mishina.


It seems that everybody is in Russia this season, even people who – in Johnny’s world – don’t belong there. Johnny’s not sure how he feels about that – about Evan training just a few metro stations away from him with Tatiana Anatolievna, and about Stéphane’s pre-Worlds axel-training in St. Petersburg, just a train ride away.

It’s almost as if they were stealing something that used to be his. In his head, Russia always was a place of his own, his precious hide-out. Johnny knows that it’s silly, but somehow, he thought of Russia as of his abroad retreat, his specialty.

He changes his mind a little on the 8th of March. He decides that maybe having Stéphane here, within easy reach, might not be all that bad. Because on March 8th, Stéphane sends him a bouquet of perfect ice-white roses with a note that reads: I know it’s women’s day. But... You’re more beautiful than all the women I know.
The card makes Johnny blush a little and look forward to Worlds a lot. Also, marveling at the roses, he concludes that Stéphane is now officially forgiven for breaching into his Russia.

But there’s still Evan. And that... That is just blasphemy.


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