Fan Fiction - Krasobruslení - Drabbles

~by Estriel~
For Mosca

Pozn.: Napsáno v rámci "kiss meme", klíčové slovo: cupcakes.

Sometimes, Ben suspects that the reasons why Tanith keeps him are not purely professional. Or not professional at all. Tanith has a talent for breaking rules... and Ben is perfect at taking the blame.

And so they skate to hip hop and Ben's odd music taste gets blamed for the choice of music and his lack of morals for Tanith's lack of costume.

When they move to Aston and Tanith starts missing Tessa and Brooke too much, they make cupcakes and eat them in the middle of the night, which is entirely against every rule of their diet. Ben gets blamed, of course, because he's the one with a sweet tooth and nightly hunger-attacks.

They throw a house-warming party to which Johnny is invited while Evan isn't. Ben gets blamed because he's never really liked Evan in the first place. Ben considers objecting, because he's never had anything against Evan, really. In the end, however, he reconsiders and just quietly shoulders the blame, because otherwise Tanith would stubbornly invite both Evan and Johnny... which would turn the party from a house-warming into a house-freezing one.

And then Johnny kisses Ben at the party, cupcake-sweet (Tanith has been making loads of those) and punch-drunk, leaning into Ben as Ben leans against the wall.

Ben realizes that this must be what Tanith and Johnny bond over, their shared talent to break rules and blame Ben. Ben is sure there is a rule about kissing ice dancers who are about the only straight male in the sport and also practically married. There should be.

But he kisses back all the same, because he actually does have a sweet tooth and because well, he'll get blamed, anyway. Ben figures it's better to get blamed for making out with Johnny than for breaking Johnny's heart by pushing him away. It's good that Merrie is the more understanding one of the two women in his life.


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