Fan Fiction - Krasobruslení - Drabbles

~by Estriel~

Jen tak pro informaci: Odehrává se po volné jízdě na mistrovství USA ve Spokane 2007. Inspirováno Johnnyho odpovědí na otázku, co dělá, když je naštvaný - řekl, že buď hází věcmi nebo brečí.


Version I
"Congratulations." Johnny's voice sounds firm as he enters he room – or it would to people who know Johnny less than Evan does. "You were brilliant." He drops his handbag onto the floor and stands there staring at his feet, unmoving.

Evan gets up, too pleased with himself to feel Johnny's pain, but too concerned about his lover to be truly happy and jubilant.
"Thanks," he says softly and comes to a halt in front of Johnny. Johnny looks up, his eyes framed with dark tired rings, and for a moment Evan thinks Johnny's going to slap him, punch him, push him away. Then Johnny draws a ragged breath – Evan notices that he's shaking – and in the next second breaks down in tears.
Evan hesitates, then gathers him in his arms, coming to the conclusion that this is more important. He realizes that Johnny must feel the same because he is here, despite everything, and that simple fact makes him happier than any title he could possibly win.
"Shhh," he mumbles and carries him to the bed, realizing than Johnny is worth more than a thousand golden medals.

Version II
"Congratulations," Johnny spits out as Evan enters the room. "You were really fucking brilliant, champ."

He's pacing the small room, one, two, three, four steps, pause, turn, one, two, three, four steps back – over and over again.

"Thank you," Evan says softly, dropping his bag to the floor.

"Fuck," Johnny mutters to himself and sits down on the bed, only to spring back to his feet with another fuck (much louder this time) seconds later. He grabs one fluffy pillow and throws it against the wall with full force, letting out a wordless scream as he does so. The next thing to be smashed against the wall happens to be Johnny's cell phone, followed by a book he finds on the bedside table. It's not until Johnny drops onto the bed, red-faced, panting and exhausted, that Evan dares to move. He sits at the edge of the bed, listening as Johnny's pants turn into sobs, and wondering what will become of them.


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