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Coffee Break
~by Estriel~
For Sil

Pozn.: Napsáno v rámci "kiss meme", klíčové slovo: caffeine. Champs Camp je výmysl americké krasobruslařské federace, víkendový seminář, na němž se sejdou všichni členové americké krasobruslařské reprezentace a společně se... nudí.

Champs Camp 2008 is
- 3 days
- 8 seminars
- 30 figure skaters bored out of their minds
and countless cups of coffee.
"I wish we could go to Starbucks," you sigh when the two of you meet at the coffee machine yet again. Coffee is against the proposed Ideal Diet, but no one cares.

"I wish we could..." says Evan.

Champs Camp 2008 is
- 2 nights
- 4 hours of sleep
and an endless longing for more.
"We can't," you hiss, alert, a warning on your lips when he hands you your cup, his fingers briefly brushing your hand. He leans forward, coffee-flavored breath. You lean back against the wall casually and sip the hot, fragrant... water. You hate being in this place.

Champs Camp 2008 is
- 15 officials
- 1 Team USA Member Handbook
and countless broken rules.
"We shouldn't," you whisper, words melting on his tongue as he kisses you, fingers on your nape. Kissing is against the rules.

"I don't care," he breathes. Not rebellious... just needy.

Champs Camp 2008 is
- bonding.


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