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Bad Day
~by Estriel~

Jen tak pro informaci: Tuhle drabble jsem napsala během mistrovství světa v krasobruslení v Calgary (březen 2006) - když jsem ji psala, viděla jsem pouze Evanův výkon v kvalifikaci, Johnnyho program jsem shlédla až později a i výsledky jsem se dozvěděla teprve poté. Ve skutečnosti Johnny dopadl o pár bodů hůře než Evan.


He jumped at the unexpected touch at first.

"Evan." The voice that followed the touch was familiar, though, and he relaxed. Warmth was seeping through the soft material of his shirt where a gentle hand rested between his shoulder blades. It was pleasant, reassuring… and yet he was not quite sure if he wanted to see the person the hand belonged to.

"Weir," he finally spoke and felt the man behind him freeze in surprise. He never called Johnny by his last name, or at least he hasn't done so in a very long time – not since they became friends… and eventually lovers. But he was disappointed now – with his performance and with himself – and the fact that Johnny scored much better in the qualification round than he did was not exactly making things easier for Evan and his ego.
"If you came to laugh at me, you can just as well leave." The words were out before Evan realized what they were. He didn't know how such an idea could even cross his mind – Johnny wouldn't do that, not to anyone and especially not to a person he cared about. Evan turned around to find the man staring at him in disbelief. Before he could begin to apologize, Johnny spoke.

"I came," he started in a falsetto voice that he only used when he was hurt, "to wish you good luck for the short program," he stuck out his chin defiantly, "Lysacek," he added, spitting the name out viciously. There was hurt anger in his eyes as he gave Evan one last look before turning around and stalking off.

Evan blinked several times, staring at the door that had just slammed shut behind Johnny. He cursed silently. Today was most certainly not a good day.


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