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A Swan Thing
~by Estriel~

Pozn.: Johnnyho program "The Swan" je již legendární. V sezóně 2007/2008 Daisuke Takahashi předvedl krátký program s názvem "Cyber Swan" (Kyber-Labuť), hip-hopovou verzi Labutího Jezera...


At first, Evan blames Johnny Weir. It’s clearly all his fault. Fucking Weir for a good half of the Olympic season must have done something to his brain, like put in an impulse to automatically feel attracted to anyone who decides to impersonate a swan on the ice. Yes, it must be the swan thing. He ditches the theory when he realizes that the other Japanese, the one whose name he can’t pronounce, is also doing Swan Lake this season and yet Evan doesn’t feel attracted to him.

Then, Evan blames Tanith. She’s been giving him silent treatment since she found him ogling the men in her copy of Playgirl magazine. And silent treatment includes the no-sex treatment. Which definitely explains why Evan feels horny. It does not explain why Evan gets a hard-on while around Daisuke Takahashi.

Finally, Evan blames Takahashi. It’s all those suggestive moves he dares to call a short program. And those costumes that cling to his body like second skin. Evan should have learned something by now, should keep his eyes off his competitors when they’re in their costumes. He should know better after Weir. But he can’t run around with his eyes closed all the time. Life is hard, indeed.

Then, eventually, Evan concludes he has nobody to blame but himself. After all, it’s him who corners Takahashi after the closing banquet at Skate America. It’s his hands that push the surprised Japanese up against a wall. After a few minutes of feverish ravishing, Evan shakes his head and tries to come back to senses. His body betrays him, though, and he ends up listening to incomprehensible Japanese moans and curses all night. However, as he lies in bed and watches Takahashi sleep in the cold morning light, Evan reconsiders. In a rare moment of honesty, looking at the curves of that body, the softness of Daisuke’s face and the black hair, Evan realizes that it really is a Swan thing.


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