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Are we friends?
~by Estriel~

Pozn. autorky: Inspirováno aktivitami, které Johnny Weir provozuje se svými přáteli. (S kamarádkou Alexandrou Zaretski na koncertě Christiny Aguilery na jaře 2007.)


“Are we friends, Johnny?” Stéphane asks suddenly, meeting Johnny’s eyes in the mirror as he smoothes the red Galliano shirt over his chest.

“Of course we are friends,” Johnny answers, puzzled, and turns around, glancing over his shoulder to observe his reflection. “Do you think my ass looks fat in these?” he asks, frowning, and slides his hands into the back pockets of the tight jeans.

“No, your ass looks perfect,” Stéphane answers, smiling.
“I’ve seen the pictures,” he adds, the smile transforming into a mischievous grin. “Of you and your friend,” he continues when Johnny quirks an eyebrow. “Your friend Sasha,” he elaborates further when Johnny bugs out his eyes at him.

Finally, he sees understanding dawn on Johnny. He smiles, turning towards him.
“If that’s what you do with your friends…” Stéphane steps closer. “And if I am your friend…” He chuckles when he notices the blush on Johnny’s cheeks. “Does it mean that I get to do this,” he slips his hand under Johnny’s shirt, running his fingers over his skin, “and this,” he sneaks an arm around Johnny’s waist and pulls him closer, “and this?” he thrusts his hips forward, rubbing their cocks together through two layers of denim. “Do I get to do all these things, Johnny?” He smiles, satisfied when Johnny nods and lets out a small, breathy yes.
“Now tell me… What else do you do with your friends?”

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