Fan Fiction - Krasobruslení - Drabbles

~by Estriel~

Pozn.: Tisková konference po krátkém programu na Cup of China 2007, Johnny je na prvním místě, Evan druhý. Někdo se Johnnyho ptal na změnu trenéra, Johnny nějak nepochytil, co vlastně chtějí vědět. Evan se k němu s úsměvem otočí a řekne: Do you love it? To tedy byla inspirace k napsání téhle drabble. :)


He thrusts himself deep into Johnny’s body, so deep it probably hurts a little. He smiles at the tremor that ripples through Johnny in response, almost making his arms give out under him. He pulls almost completely out and Johnny gasps, surprised by the sudden loss of friction. He turns his head a little, tosses an over-the-shoulder glance at Evan, lets Evan read his face for a second. More.
Evan complies. He buries himself in Johnny once again and a content sigh rolls off his lips. So tight. So hot. He runs one hand over Johnny’s spine, smears the minuscule beads of perspiration into long trails stretching across the small of his back, into the cleft of his ass. He reaches around with the other hand, curls his fingers around Johnny’s dick. Johnny curses under his breath.
“Do you love it?” Evan whispers with a grin and sets a slow rhythm, too slow to send either of them over the edge.
He doesn’t even need to hear the answer, doesn’t need the words. Not with Johnny. With Johnny, he just feels them.


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