Fan Fiction - Hanson

The Tour
~by Estriel~

Varování: Povídka obsahuje náznaky incestu.

There is a string of furious yells in a high-pitched female voice and a loud bang of the door swinging shut. Then an exhausted-looking Taylor emerges from the hall, shaking his head and rubbing at his temples.
He drops down onto one of the comfortable chairs in the living room and a heavy sigh escapes his lips. Tay’s head falls back against the chair and he closes his eyes.

“Problems with Mrs. Hanson?” Zac walks in from the adjacent room and stops just behind Taylor’s armchair, looking down at him.

Taylor re-opens his eyes, rolls them, then murmurs something that sounds almost like PMSing again.

His little brother grimaces.
“Women,” he says with a melodramatic sigh. “They’re nothing but trouble.”
Then his expression softens as he threads his fingers into Taylor’s hair, playing with the soft long strands. The blue eyes flutter closed for a short moment, then Taylor locks his gaze with Zac’s.

“I miss you,” he whispers and leans into the gentle caress as Zac strokes his face with his hand.

“Miss me? I’m here, Tay.” Zac smiles and lightly grazes the exposed flesh of Taylor’s neck with his fingernails. He receives a sharp intake of breath in return.

“You know what I mean, Zac,” Taylor hisses.

“Yeah,” Zachary nods and walks around the chair to sit on one of its arms. “Yeah, I know.” He slips an arm around Taylor’s shoulders and starts to massage the taut muscles, easing away the tension with every move of his fingers.

“I miss you, too,” Zac mumbles after a few minutes of comfortable silence and lets Taylor pull him onto his lap and into his warm embrace, his legs dangling over the opposite arm of the chair.

“But…” Taylor starts and snuggles closer to Zac. “At least we have the tour.” A small playful smile tugs at the corners of his lips as he says that, imagining the possibilities of being on tour again.

“Yes. The tour.” Zac’s eyes light up at the prospect. He turns his face to his brother, leans closer and nuzzles the tip of Taylor’s nose with his own. He can feel Tay’s hot, slightly quickened breath on his lips, it makes him want to plunge deep into that sweet mouth and…

A teasing hand slips under his t-shirt, fingers crawl several inches up his spine. He shivers in expectation.

“Soon,” whispers Taylor headily and shortly presses his lips against Zac’s mouth in a light kiss, an unspoken promise of things to come.


Thanks for beta-reading, Reet.

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