Fan Fiction - Hanson

~by Estriel~
For Reet.

Varování: PWP. Povídka obsahuje náznaky incestu a sexuální aktivity.

Just like everything, the information had had its price. A high one. But she had paid it and now, as she sat on the double-bed and quietly regarded the hotel room's interior, now she knew that it was worth it. She could barely believe it, and yet her secret fantasy was actually coming true, right now at this very moment.
She had put all her effort into getting a job at the hotel a good week before they were supposed to arrive. The hotel needed additional staff to help out with cleaning; Sydney's hotels were always packed with guests during the tourist season. She had worked hard only to be able to be here now.
Her heart still pounded from the adrenaline rush; what if anyone had caught her as she unlocked the door of his hotel room and snuck inside?

She wandered around the room, taking in every detail. It was very impersonal, yes - a hotel room that he wouldn't occupy for longer than two, three days. But that didn't matter.
She opened the bathroom door, slipped her fingers over the cool marble of the sink, looked into her own gleaming eyes in the mirror, touched the fresh white towels still waiting to be used, regretting that one of the other room service girls had already gotten rid of the ones he had certainly used earlier that day.
Then she noticed a hairbrush on one of the shelves - after a second of hesitation, she picked it up with a faint smile. She turned it around in her hands, feeling the texture of the wooden handle. She pulled out one golden hair that got caught in the brush and held it up before her eyes, curling it between her fingertips. She wished she could keep it - but where would she put it? It would certainly fall out of her pocket. With a sigh she put the brush back on the shelf and headed back to the bedroom.

The fact that he had obviously bothered enough to take some of his clothes out of the enormous travel bag pleased her. She ran her hands over the cotton of the T-shirts thrown untidily on one of the shelves, she smiled at the black-marker message on the one at the top of the pile, then she leaned in to smell at the leather jacket hanging in the closet. She was about to bend down and open the zipper of the travel back when she heard it.
A click of the lock.
She froze mid-movement, and dark paralyzing panic flooded her body. She stood unmoving for several moments, her pulse pounding in her ears at crazy speed, her hands trembling. Then she quietly stepped forward and into the closet, closing the sliding doors as noiselessly as possible. A single streak of light crept into the darkness of the closet through a thin slit left between the two sides of the door.

She heard laugher, hushed voices she immediately recognized.

"Zac. You know what we agreed upon." The soft voice was the one that whispered sweet nonsense to her in her dreams. Taylor's words were a little muffled, as if he were speaking them against something.

"I know," Zac's voice replied, sounding disappointed. "But I can't help it." She thought she heard mischief in his tone. "I don't want to stop." His words were almost amused, and a soft thud followed them, a sound of something colliding lightly with the wall.

After a while in which she couldn't make out anything else, Taylor's voice sounded sharply from the door:
"No. Zac, we can't. Go. Just go." Shuffling. The door being slammed shut. "See you tomorrow," she heard Taylor whisper.

She didn't realize that she had slid the closet doors further apart until she heard quick steps approaching from the door. She quickly shut them again, and stood as still as possible, trying not to breathe. She was in serious trouble, that much was clear. If Taylor opens the closet... And he certainly will, sooner or later, pointed out a little voice in her head.
She was shaking. Seconds passed but she had lost sense of time - it seemed like she was already standing there for hours.

When she heard the bed make a small squishy sound, she picked up all the courage she had left and pressed her face to the closet door, peering through the slit with one eye.
He sat on the side of the huge empty bed, elbows propped up against jean-clad thighs, head hanging down, blond hair falling into his face. He had kicked his shoes off and she watched him wiggle his toes on the carpeted floor.

She jumped as he grunted in aggravation and slammed a fist against his thigh. For a moment she thought he must have heard her, that he must have noticed how the closet door rattled... But Taylor seemed oblivious of his surroundings.

He let himself fall back onto the bed and stretched out on the mattress. He lay still for a while, and she watched his chest heave as he breathed, clearly unsatisfied and frustrated about something she didn't quite understand.

Taylor then lifted one hand and rested it on his abdomen, as if trying to calm down. He tugged at the hem of his t-shirt - it read I’m a fool over a drawing of a joker hat - then he pulled it up a bit and slipped his hand beneath the material.
She bit down hard on her lip and watched the small circles his fingers drew as he moved his hand over his chest, tugging a little at what must have been a nipple. Fascinated, she stared at the exposed curve of neck when Taylor threw his head back against the mattress, blond hair spilling over the bedspread like a shiny halo.

His eyes were squeezed shut as he let his hand wander over his skin, stroking with the softness of a palm, then scraping with his nails. His t-shirt had ridden up further and she could see the light tremors that ran over his muscles whenever he touched a particularly sensitive spot.
Taylor’s hand wandered back to his belly and lower... She held her breath as he cupped the bulge in his pants with slender fingers and rubbed at it through the fabric. His lips had fallen apart in a silent pant, pink and glistening and perfect.

She eagerly slid the doors further apart – she was being foolish, risking to be found in her dubious hiding place, but she couldn’t resist. She had to get a better view of... this.

Taylor flicked open the top button of his jeans, it was followed by the second and third. She could see a trail of hair where the denim parted and realized that Tay obviously hadn’t bothered with underwear today.
He gingerly ran his fingertips over the bared skin, then pushed his hand inside the only half-undone pants. He let out a quiet whimper at the contact. A delicious flush tinged his cheeks as he continued the sweet torture.

She was amazed at his self-control, for the attention his cock was getting was clearly insufficient – he was such a tease with himself! It took a few minutes before Taylor finally lost his patience and undid the remaining three buttons.
She swallowed and almost forgot to breathe; the air in the closed seemed very hot all of sudden.

The quiet moan that escaped Taylor when he finally wrapped his fingers around himself sent a shiver up her spine. She couldn’t help but imagine how it would feel to encircle his cock with her fingers, how it would be to drive him insane with long, tantalizing strokes.

Taylor moved his hand up and down several times, then he touched the head of his cock with his thumb, drawing small circles on the sensitive flesh. His body stretched out luxuriously on the bed, trembling slightly in pleasure. His blond hair was messy, it stuck to his forehead glistening with sweat. His mouth had fallen further apart, gaping for air. Taylor’s free hand now clutched the bed-sheet desperately.

He was quiet except for an occasional cry or a silent moan. But as the movements of his hand became faster, more urgent, Taylor began to mumble…
His voice startled her at fist. She woke up from the trance she had dived into and focused in order to make out the words coming from Taylor’s mouth.
“Oh god… yeah… Zac, oh, Zac, Zac, Zac…”

She had to clasp a hand over her mouth as she heard the name Taylor repeated like a mantra. She blinked several times, struggling to grasp the thing she had just discovered. It can’t be…

Shocked, she turned her attention back to Taylor. His eyes were tightly closed and she wondered what images were going through his head as he pleasured himself. Her own imagination immediately offered her several very wrong – and very hot – scenarios. She observed Taylor’s pretty face, and felt a strange warm sensation spread out in her stomach. She marveled at the colorful scenes of ‘brotherly love’ appearing in front of her mind’s eye.
Taylor’s body tensed, but his lips kept moving, whispering the name of his younger brother over and over again, all through his orgasm.
She was too caught up in her intoxicating dream – she didn’t realize what was going on until Taylor sat up on the bed, looking a little dizzy in the after-glow of his private moment. Her brain snapped back into reality and all her earlier panic came crushing down on her once more. Suddenly she was aware of the fact that she was trapped in a closet with no possibility of getting out without Taylor noticing. The drunkenness of the previous moments was replaced by ice-cold fear gripping her insides. What will I do, what will I do?

Taylor got up and pulled his jeans back on. She pressed into the back-wall of the closet, trying to become invisible. Her heart pounded in her chest, it seemed so loud that she feared Taylor might hear it beating. He must discover her in a minute and then – she couldn’t even think of how furious Taylor would be. Not only had she broken into his bedroom and intruded his privacy. She also witnessed a highly intimate situation… and heard something that should never have been revealed to anyone, let alone a fan.

She prayed to all higher instances she could remember, she prayed that she could escape… somehow.

Through the tiny slit in the door, she could see Taylor stretch, roll his shoulders. Then he moved, turning a little in her direction, and she held her breath, waiting, mentally preparing herself for the hell that would follow. When Taylor sighed, shook his head and headed for the bathroom, she couldn’t believe her luck. After a moment she heard the sound of falling water from the bathroom. She stumbled out of the closet, leaped to the door and hurdled out of the room as quietly as possible. Her knees felt a little wobbly but she didn’t stop until she was safely hidden in an elevator. There she collapsed against one of the walls, her head still spinning from the adrenaline rush.

She stood still for several minutes, waiting for her heart to return to its normal pace. Then she risked a look into the mirror on one of the elevator walls. The girl staring back at her was a mess… But a smug, secretive smile played on her lips. What a delicious secret she now had to keep, what a sweet gift she had received! She grinned. This, she decided, was better than Christmas.


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